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#16-Feb-23 17:05

I have a Mfd 8.0.35 Project. In my Layout all looks fine (see Screenshot 1) but if i export as PDF i have a shift of my outline to north (see screenshot 2). What can i do ?



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#16-Feb-23 18:23

Difficult to determine without the project. Can you post a sample .map?


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#18-Feb-23 13:18

If i export the image as *.PS-File or *.emf File and all it's fine, but that's not what i excepted, cause emf the quality is low and as PS-File i have no opacity. The Projekt ist big (500 MB) but i try to upload it on WETRANSFER an copy the link here...


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#19-Feb-23 13:35

Also: try printing to PDF (Windows 10 has the PDF driver built-in) instead of exporting to it, maybe this will fix the issue.

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