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julmou28 post(s)
#16-Feb-23 03:38


I was checking the M9 documentation about Image Servers:

From the image below, it is very interesting to see that there are many more Image Servers potentially available other than the 5 ones we have by default (green ones).

Does anyone know where I could get a list of all the other image server links? (black bold ones in the image), so I can add them manually. For instance, the Google Street Maps Transparent and the Google Maps Terrain would be really useful to me.

Thanks so much!

264 post(s)
#16-Feb-23 05:59

When you go to Create-New Data Source-More and select Type Server: Web Server: imageserver you get the list of all those servers. If you don't see anything when you link is because many of them need an API Key to work.

julmou28 post(s)
#21-Feb-23 03:32

Thank you so much!

I would have never found without your help

Indeed, they appear in the list:

736 post(s)
#21-Feb-23 03:51


Thanks. I had been looking for a server URL for OpenStreet maps and there it was all the time! The search is over

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