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#15-Feb-23 11:51

Two new videos have been added to the videos page, to cover enhancements in the Save as Image dialog delivered by build 179.2:

5 Minute Tutorial - DPI in Save as Image - The new Save as Image dialog in Manifold Release 9 provides a DPI setting that controls rendering of text and shapes to enable a good match to higher resolution images, using settings that are typically used for printing or graphics arts work.

This fast video shows examples using Save as Image using default, computer monitor resolution of 96 DPI as compared to higher resolution at 600 DPI.

5 Minute Tutorial - Custom Views in Save as Image - The Save as Image dialog in Manifold Release 9 makes it easy to create images from custom views of maps with just a few clicks. Besides the usual "current view" what you see is what you get mode, you can choose an extended view beyond what the current window shows, a full view that shows the entire extent of all visible layers in the map, or a custom view to get the extents of a particular layer, or otherwise exactly the extents you want.

The video shows how to use custom views, including a really fast and easy way to create images that cover only those regions within a grid or within a rectangle drawn. All the images generated are fully georegistered so you can use them in any coordinate system aware software and they'll line up perfectly. Super!

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