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julmou29 post(s)
#12-Feb-23 05:38

Hi everyone,

I am currently following the Manifold Tutorial 2 (, and at 19:50 I find very interesting the .map file that the instructor is using.

After opening it in Manifold, we can see that it contains dozens of image servers from ESRI, some of which I am accustomed to and would likely use again (e.g. world dark gray base).

I am aware that there is a page in the M9 documentation on how to connect to an ArcGIS REST Server, but it would take ages to link every single page individually. Whereas, it seems someone has done the job already of creating a .map file with all the links to the all the different ArcGIS servers.

This .map file would be a big time saver if someone was willing to share it.

Thank you for your help,



676 post(s)
#12-Feb-23 09:40

Is this what you are looking for?

736 post(s)
#12-Feb-23 23:26

Thanks julmou for the question and Sloots for pointing out the Manifold 9 .map with links to ArcGIS Rest Servers. These are really useful sources of backgound images.

Posing a question out there: if given a choice of a WMS server or ArcGIS Rest Services, is there an advantage in M9 one over the other for consuming data (I'm not posting data). Some data sources offer both, e.g.,


521 post(s)
#13-Feb-23 14:31

WMS only serves map image tiles, where ArGIS Rest services can present both.

736 post(s)
#13-Feb-23 16:28

Thanks Oeulong. I understand when served vector I can save locally and apply my own Styles. I finally did connect to a REST service and downloaded vector data. I could ALT-Click and see the properties of an area.

julmou29 post(s)
#13-Feb-23 06:27

It's exactly what I was looking for! Thank you!

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