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#11-Jan-23 11:24

There's a new video that shows the new legend capabilities in build 9.0.179:

First Look - Legends in Maps and Layouts

Description: See how easy it is to add legends to a map window in Manifold Release 9 with only a single click: the new legend capabilities provide fast, easy legends in map windows. We can also add legends to print layouts in a single click as well. The new system provides both fast and simple legends as well as the capability to fully customize print layout legends for those who wish to use a vast toolbox of different formatting capabilities. The video also shows how legend formatting is saved in a map's properties, so we can alter or create legends for map windows either programmatically or using SQL. Super! The entire video is filmed on a Windows 11 system.

wvayens108 post(s)
#11-Jan-23 17:17

Great video. I missed some of the nuances when playing with the new features and this really filled in the gaps on how to take advantage of it!


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#12-Jan-23 13:58

We try to both have the dynamic legend that is very easy to set up and automatically updates after changes to formatting *and* have the ability to turn it into a static legend so that you can manually edit and format every item / add new items with custom content / delete items you don't want to have / etc.

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