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Home - General / All posts - Norton removes dlls from M8.0.34.1 after unzipping
JimK25 post(s)
#28-Dec-22 16:40

I have Manifold on my desktop and laptop. Serial number checks OK. In Help/Check for updates, I get "Error checking for updates" on both. After downloading the zip via the Manifold Community Site, and running Extract all, I get a message "manifold (name of dll and exe) is unsafe and has been removed. No further action is required". After this, only four files remain in the folder: 2 txt, lext.dll and Thank you.


522 post(s)
#28-Dec-22 17:18

did you unblock the zipfile after downloading? If not, repeat your installation after downloading the zipfile, and before extracting.

JimK25 post(s)
#28-Dec-22 17:42

Thank you. I unblocked as you suggested but norton has repeated the removal once again. The details provided by norton are: Threat name WS.Reputation.1 It also observes that fewer than 5 users in the norton community have used this file and that the risk is medium.


522 post(s)
#28-Dec-22 17:51

a false positive. Turn off Norton for the duration of the installation.

JimK25 post(s)
#28-Dec-22 20:38

I turned off Norton, unzipped and followed the instructions for the update. After running the exe file as administrator, I immediately got a window in which to paste in my SN with an activate button below. I pasted in my SN and hit Activate, but the next window was a Manifold project with a history panel and a long list of fail notices in it. I wish that I would have had the foresight to have use PRT SCR to capture the image. There also was a list of my projects. I went to START to see if M8 was listed, but it was not there.


1,086 post(s)
#29-Dec-22 12:45

In the past i had the similar problems with NORTON (and McAffe, too). So i deinstall NORTON and switch to F-Secure with no problems.

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