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#24-Dec-22 06:01

I have a drawing whose style is formatted using a nvarchar field named "Type". When new items are added to the drawing and their values in "Type" do not exist already in the existing items, and you want to format those items, you can to 2 things: a) Type manually the new values (using the asterisk), or b)Press Tally and add all "Type" values from scratch. In the first case you might miss that you have a new value and so you don't type it manually. In second case you lose all formatting you have already.

My question is: Ιs there some way to refresh ("Tally") the value list used for formatting without losing the already existing styles?

PS: Forgot to type a proper title for the topic. Please change it to something like "Style Formating: Tally without losing styles"


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#24-Dec-22 10:17

Unfortunately, no, not in the UI (you can edit the style string directly, but that's unpleasant and error-prone). Clicking Tally for unique values should perhaps automatically preserve formatting choices for the previous values. I will add a suggestion to do this.

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