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#22-Dec-22 14:10

There's a new online user manual published today for Release 9. The new manual starts with a Quick Start Guide section that has shorter versions of introductory topics. The previous online user manual is now packaged within a User Manual section.

If you've used links to existing topics or illustrations, all those should continue to work, as those links should have all been preserved in the new version.

This is an experiment, with the new Quick Start Guide hopefully being more accessible to more people. Being shorter it should also be easier to translate into different languages, to provide an initial guide that people can read in their own language.

There are probably plenty of typos in the new topics, as it usually takes a few weeks of beating on new topics to squeeze most of the errors out of them.

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#22-Dec-22 15:05

Great thinking!

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#22-Dec-22 16:05

Great stuff!

A typo?

A GIS package is a database system for data that is coupled with...


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#22-Dec-22 16:43

Yep. Fixed!


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#22-Dec-22 18:13

Great work. I think it should be kept. πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ

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