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wvayens88 post(s)
#26-Nov-22 00:40

One of the updates I have to perform frequently is identify parcels and the village they are in.

My difficulty is when a parcel boundary aligns with a village boundary. Using the JOIN feature will omit those. To compensate, I've expanded my village outlines so that this does not occur. But this means that I have overlapping village boundaries, which visually isn't the greatest, but it at least lets me put parcels in the correct village.

I thought that if I could join the center of the parcel instead it would eliminate this problem and allow me to have cleaner village boundaries. However, I don't see any way to accomplish this with the JOIN command and I wouldn't know where to begin to modify the code that is generated (pasted below.)

I'd love to be able to simplify this process and clean up my output.



t.[mfd_id] AS tkey0,

t.[Village] AS t0,


FROM [Sumter] AS t LEFT JOIN (


[s_mfd_id] AS skey0,

FirstNonNull([o_Village]) AS s0

FROM CALL GeomOverlayContainingPar([Sumter], [VillageOutlines], 0, ThreadConfig(SystemCpuCount()))

GROUP BY [s_mfd_id]

) AS s ON t.[mfd_id] = s.skey0


t0 = s0;


620 post(s)
#26-Nov-22 11:13

You could transform your parcels to a center point. If you create a new field it just adds a new geom field representing the center point. Then use the drawing based on that center point in your query, i.e. replace [Sumter] with [Sumter Centroid].

Hope this helps.

wvayens88 post(s)
#26-Nov-22 17:17

Thanks. I had tried that technique a while back (in my early days of switching to M9) and never could get the points to end up where they should be (they'd wind up in Virginia instead of Florida).

Tried it again (now that I'm better had checking my coordinate systems) and have the center points where they should be and will use that in my query.

Thanks for getting me back on track!

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