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Home - General / All posts - field order list of "Related" table not in same order as field order list in Layers pane
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#17-Nov-22 10:50

At present , in case of a table shown as a "related" table in the Info pane -> Related pane, the field order of the related table/query is shown in alphabetical order.

I would much prefer to see the field order list of the "Related" table/query to reflect the same order as set in the table/query Layers pane.

Could this be done ? I've send this in as a suggestion.


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#22-Nov-22 11:17

Yes, this could be done, why not. Although perhaps it would be better to control which fields are shown in Related and in what order separately. (Because sometimes there are hundreds of fields, and you only want to see a couple.)

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#22-Nov-22 11:39

Adam, you're right.

Controlling the order separately and on top being able to choose which fields need be shown in the Related table would be very much appreciated.

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