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auerf5 post(s)
#15-Nov-22 07:21


i have some problems with activation of Manifold 8.30 x64. I changed the user's computer. When I try to activate manifold I get the error below (Can't connect to activation server).

I get same error on 2 different computers, with 2 different users and 2 different licenses.

When I check the status of license seems everything OK:

Product:Manifold 8.00 Personal x64

Issued:4/13/2015 12:15 PM

Issued activation key at 4/16/2015 8:13 AM

Issued activation key at 1/30/2018 8:35 AM

3 activation keys available

BR, Ferdinand

Manifold napaka.png

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#15-Nov-22 09:25

Use email for activation support.


7,400 post(s)
#15-Nov-22 12:52

See also the Troubleshooting page.

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