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#07-Nov-22 16:17

I would like to make this suggestion :

Using a map component with a layer , when clicking the "Move to Next" / "Move to Previous" arrows in the Info pane , the Next or Previous object is not centered, but is randomly located in the left/right/upper/lower corner of the map window.

To me this is not user firendly having to scrutinize , time and again, the 4 corners of the map window to discover the next/previous object.

I would suggest to have the next/previous object immediately centered in the map window.


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#09-Nov-22 14:40

The current logic is to minimize screen movement. So, if the object you are moving to is already fully visible, the screen will stay the same and it's just that the object will get editing handles. If the object is partly visible, the screen will move towards it, etc. Minimizing screen movement helps preserve visual context, we want to avoid jumps that are not absolutely necessary.

We can perhaps add a button to center the current object on the screen and also change the scale so that the object fills, say, the 75% x 75% area in the center (there's already a Go button to put the current object onto the screen, but it minimizes screen movement as well). Or that could be a toggle on what the Go button does.

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#09-Nov-22 15:21

Adam, to me there is no additional need to zoom in/out to display the object centered and filling 75% x 75% of the window area as you suggest.

To me having the object centered at the current scale is just allright. Like you say, this preserves the visual context.

It would be fine to have this in a near future update.

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