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Home - General / All posts - Can I audit serial numbers of Manifold 8 licences amongst 15 or so active users?
#23-Sep-22 15:46

Is there a way that I can audit all the serial numbers of all the active users of Manifold in my company? Everyone is using 64-bit Manifold 8 on Windows 10.

We have 15 or so licences for Manifold, some of which have been switched to new computers and/or new users as staff have been replaced. We have usually managed to keep on top of what serial number is linked to which user. However, a user has just received a notification that her serial number has been activated on another machine, which I think is probably due to someone getting a new computer and incorrectly entering the serial number of a different user.



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#24-Sep-22 05:04

Can't think of a way of doing that now. Send in a suggestion.

#26-Sep-22 09:29

Thanks! I have sent an email making a suggestion for this feature.

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#24-Sep-22 11:22

Perhaps walk around, click on Help - About, and screenshot the serial numbers?

Even with the last 12 digits blacked out, they may be unique enough to serve your purpose.

Just a thought -- I don't have the ability to test as I am a single user.

#26-Sep-22 09:28

'Help - About' no longer provides the serial nos (if it ever did - I think it might have in the past, as you say). All it tells you now is whether or not the licence is valid.

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#27-Sep-22 15:32 shows me my serial number with the last 12 characters as the letter "X".

Most of my Sedgwick, Maine work was done in Manifold 8, but we are off the grid at our little cabin, so I put it on my laptop, which is allowed under this version of 8 as long as I do not run my workstation copy at the same time. Manifold 8 also lets me plug in and access my Garmin GPS units -- nice when I am out and about hunting down old boundary or USGS Bench markers.

My newer work is done with Manifold 9 which I access on my laptop with Manifold Viewer when in Maine.

#28-Sep-22 09:56

We're using and I think the absence of the serial no. on the 'About' window is a new thing. If I could still see part of the serial no. on each user's machine it would solve our current problem...


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#28-Sep-22 13:20

The current build of Release 8 is 8.0.33 - The Help - About dialog is as illustrated in that topic.

#30-Sep-22 09:55

I've just installed


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#05-Oct-22 12:54

The latest base build of 8 is, indeed, 8.0.34, you are correct.

On serial numbers, we'll try to provide means to reveal them. We removed the masked version of the serial number from the About dialog which we had before because in a significant number of cases people were trying to use such masked versions of serial numbers during activation (our main worry here was not about unauthorized activations, activations with masked serial numbers were obviously failing, it was that people might have thought that the masked serial number in the About dialog was real and so since they have it readily available, they might throw away the serial number email -- which could easily bite them in the back later on).

#02-Nov-22 16:55

It would be really helpful to me if you did bring back this feature. I've audited all our current serial numbers and i cannot now find out who on our team is currently using some of them as some of the numbers have been moved between machines and users as staff and equipment have been replaced...

#20-Jan-23 14:20

Has there been any progress on finding a means to reveal serial numbers on each users PC? Many thansk!

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#20-Jan-23 15:26

Yes. Install the latest and run from command line

Manifold.exe -showserial

#12-May-23 08:37

I can't get that to work. Entering "Maifold.exe -showserial" simply launches Manifold...

I'm running build on a Windows 11 Dell laptop.

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#12-May-23 10:01

Ok, same here.


PowerShell 7.3.4

PS C:\Users\riivo.kolka> cd 'C:\Program Files\Manifold System\'

PS C:\Program Files\Manifold System> .\manifold.exe -showserial

In PowerShell just 'manifold' finds another manifold.exe somehow

This also works

PS C:\> & 'C:\Program Files\Manifold System\Manifold.exe' -showserial

#12-May-23 11:38

I can't get your suggestions to work. They just launch Manifold for me...

What do you see when it reveals the serial no.? Does it do this in the cmd window or does it open another window in Manifold?

#12-May-23 11:43

There's this guidance here (


Launch Manifold and show the first eight characters of the serial number in use in the History pane.

manifold.exe /showserial

But that's not working for me...

#12-May-23 11:46

I STAND CORRECTED!!! I've been looking in the 'About' window, not the 'History Pane'.

My bad. All working and correct, probably from my very first attempt, whithout me realising... Sorry for wasting your time!

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#20-Jan-23 15:30

21 November 2022:Cutting Edge Build 178.4provides a variety of conveniences and user interface improvements for grids, North arrows, scale bars, Style, and layouts. It also provides new query functions to work with interactive selections from SQL, a command line option to help manage serial numbers

#24-Jan-23 10:40

Excellent! We have a couple of new employees starting next month so I will have a look at this as part of setting them up with licences.


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#25-Sep-22 12:55

You can check the activation date of each serial number on the Serial Number Status page. This may help match serial number to systems.

#26-Sep-22 09:43

Ah, yes! Thanks. That might be the way. It's going to be a pain though and will require some sleuthing around dates...

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