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samuelgj27 post(s)
#21-Sep-22 00:20

Manifold version 8

I am trying to delete multiple columns (around 100+) from many tables (50+) with this

ALTER TABLE [Customers]

DROP COLUMN [ContactName], [adress], ....

but it dont work

Any sugestion?

10,093 post(s)
#21-Sep-22 00:59

For a column (or field), the syntax is not DROP COLUMN but just DROP. You can then add a list of fields to drop all at once.

Other operations, such as DROP INDEX, do take an extra token.


I half put you crook. Yes, just DROP. But you must repeat DROP for each field to be removed (with commas in between). A bare list of fields to drop is not valid.


ALTER TABLE [Customers]


DROP [Name],

DROP [address],



If that is not convenient, you might prefer to SELECT INTO a new table.

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