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#16-Sep-22 13:31

I just checked with sales to determine that it is ok to post this here:

I recently created a new video training course entitled Learning the Esri Stack: ArcGIS Pro, Model Builder, and Python. It was designed for Esri users who have not learned the new ArcGIS Pro platform, and provides them with the experience creating GIS solutions with ArcGIS Pro, Model Builder, and Arcpy while solving a single geospatial problem.

I consider SQL for ArcGIS Pro to be a part of the Esri stack - it just happens to be developed by a 3rd party. So, I have added SQL for ArcGIS Pro as a bonus module, allowing my Esri audience to not only learn their own product better, but get exposed to Manifold - I demonstrate things in SQL for ArcGIS Pro, but show the users how to download and use Manifold Viewer to learn the SQL in Manifold to solve the same problem. So, this is also a great opportunity to learn how to use SQL in Manifold and see how it compares the to solutions provided by Esri. For those of you who love Manifold, it should provide you with opportunities and discussion points to see how Manifold can live in harmony within the Esri ecosystem at your organization.

The course is available for only $19.99 at this link, and with every purchase using the coupon code, I'm going to donate 50% of the revenue to the Salisbury University Department of Geography and Geosciences to support our students in the form of scholarships, tutoring opportunities, purchasing course supplies, and other financial support - hopefully, it become a model for other professors to give back to their students.

So, it's my way to give back to the Esri and Manifold community, and also do something nice for my students. I hope you might consider checking out the course, or sharing the link with some of your Esri friends who might want to see how Manifold operates with the Esri stack, too.


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#16-Sep-22 15:19

I'm going to donate 50% of the revenue to the Salisbury University Department of Geography and Geosciences

Art, that's really generous. Good for you!


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#16-Sep-22 15:48

well, it keeps me out of trouble with the powers that be

Seriously, though, Geography is a great major, and all our GIS students get jobs. But, if we are going to bitch and moan about affordability of a college education, then let's put our money where our mouth is. If more of us were to figure out ways to offset some costs we can show that we really care about the students. My goal is for the money to be used to purchase the textbooks for all the students in a GIS class. Imagine how happy the students will be when we provide them with a textbook, rather than make them pay for one at the bookstore. I estimate that if 100 people use the coupon, that will mean that all 22 students in the GIS class can have a textbook handed to them. If another 100 people do it, then the next semester, we can offer the same thing.

Nice of you to say I am generous. But remember, I did say 50%! - ha, ha. But yeah, at the end of the day, I want our students to know we are in their corner, and this will also hopefully help those wanting to learn ArcGIS Pro and Manifold.

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