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#07-Sep-22 12:58

There's a new video in the videos page, showing the new system for setting minimum and maximum scales for layers. It shows the key workflow in well under five minutes, although with extra examples and commentary on the new north arrow and scale bar features (coming very soon to a cutting edge build near you...) it runs about ten minutes.

Description: A quick look at the new system for setting scale limits for layers in Manifold System Release 9. The new system is more convenient than before because now you can set both minimum and maximum scale in the same dialog. Scale boxes also feature a new drop-down menu that includes all other scales that have been set, to make it really easy to pick a scale used by a different layer to coordinate when layers turn off and on. Works in the free Manifold Viewer, too!


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#07-Sep-22 13:33

this is going to work really nicely when Manifold Server becomes web-aware (i.e. its own IMS). Just a quick set of rules for a layer in a Map component, and you can publish it on the Internet as a WMS with the scale and symbology capabilities.


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#07-Sep-22 22:44

+1 from me Art, that's the last little hurdle overcome. I'll be having a retirement party for M8 this week.

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#09-Sep-22 16:18

I really like this feature. It saves an enormous amount of time loading up one of my maps that makes extensive use of APIs.

That all said, is there a way to have a map open up on a specific location? If Bing maps data layer is attached to the map (whether active or not), the map opens up to the full extent of the Bing map data. My map is specific to five western states with the primary focus on Washington State. Is there a way to have the map open to a specific location regardless of the full extent of the mapped data? I could not readily find any references to this in the current M9 documentation.


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#09-Sep-22 17:05

If you have a location that refers to the map as an entity, launching the location will open the map window and pan/zoom to that location. See the Locations topic.

By the way, the zoom on open will zoom to the largest layer, ignoring default image server layers. Other web server layers won't be ignored, but the default image servers, yes.

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#09-Sep-22 18:37

If I understand you correctly, the map needs to be open before the location works. I have already set up locations for each specific state and some for specific project locations. These work amazingly fast. What I was hoping for was a way to have the map open to a location rather than opening a map and then zooming to the location. M8 maps open showing the map state at the time of the last save. I would like M9 to do something similar, either have the map always open to a specific location or to the last saved extent, regardless of the largest layer within the map.


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#09-Sep-22 20:59

This is a good wishlist item.


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#10-Sep-22 03:28

Always keep in mind that the first step to get something on the wishlist is to send in a suggestion. Vote early, and vote often!


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#10-Sep-22 03:26

the map needs to be open before the location works.

No. That's what entities are for. See the Locations topic, which explicitly discusses this.

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#15-Sep-22 23:18

I'm sorry, but I seem to be much thicker than I usually am. I have read the Locations topic on the M9 document several times now, but I still don't see how any of this helps answer my question. I open up a project that has locations defined. I right-click on the location (one that will zoom the map to Washington State). Only "View" is available as an option. I select view and... nothing. I took one of my locations and specified the entity to be one of my layers. Clicking on view opens the layer specified.

This is what I am referring to by saying that the location I want my map to open to only works if the map is open.

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#15-Sep-22 23:38

Never mind. I see now what was going on and it was on my end. The Washington State location was created when the map was simply called "Map." I added data for two other states where we are currently working and intend on creating individual maps for those states.

I changed the entity in the Washington Location to Washington State Projects (the map's new name) and it worked flawlessly.

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