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#17-Aug-22 13:45

SHA256: 5b5a47afa9d9ff4593e5057522c84c287ec9cc0a8f46c93dd60711aff1f83155

SHA256: e7ded173d843600b692fb09819c9d247845849d99b576cb7c9cd9094aba07708

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#17-Aug-22 13:46


There is a new style for text fields: c = command line. The table window and the Info pane show command line text values in blue highlight color and allow running them using the context menu.

Refreshing data in the table window either manually or automatically, eg, after deleting records or changing table schema, keeps filters and orders for fields that did not change.

The table window sorts fields in the part of the View - Order submenu that is used to add fields to the current order by name.

The table window showing records for a table from a data source other than MAP marks records deleted in that window as deleted. (Previously, deleting records from such a table was merely suggesting to refresh data using the bar at the bottom of the window. Now the window also shows records that it tried to delete.)

The status bar includes the new Counts pane that shows the total number of records and the number of selected records in the active component, similarly to the Info pane.

The record counts shown in the Counts status bar pane can be refreshed using the Refresh command in the context menu.

The Info pane and the Counts status bar pane show the total number of frames and the number of selected frames for a layout.

(Fix) The Edit - Select Inverse command for a layout window adjusts the final selection for groups. (Previously the selection could produce a selected group with an unselected child.)

(Fix) Selecting frames using cursor in a layout window adjusts the final selection for groups. (Previously the selection could produce a selected group with an unselected child.)

Copying records from a table window copies them in both binary format suitable for pasting back into Manifold and in text format suitable for pasting into third-party applications like Excel or Notepad. Copying records in text format copies only visible fields, copies fields in order they appear in the table window, and formats field values according to field styles. The visible order of records is not preserved. The amount of produced text data is limited by 32 million characters because many third-party applications can only handle limited amounts of text coming from the clipboard. If there are more records than fit into the limit, extra records past the limit do not appear in text data and only appear in binary data.

The field context menu in the table window includes the Copy command which copies field values from the selected records to the clipboard. Copying field values copies them in text format only. The copied values are formatted according to the field style. Empty values are omitted.

End of list.


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#19-Aug-22 09:05

This is really about 178, but I thought the forum might enjoy seeing the GIF animation that's popped up on the News page that shows render scale in action. I'm not a big fan of GIF animations but this shows how vectors (objects in drawings) and labels that have a render scale value specified will be rendered at that fixed scale, so as you zoom in they get bigger and as you zoom out they get smaller.



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#19-Aug-22 21:36

Nice! I had totally missed this in the release notes. Very welcome and thanks for highlighting.

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#02-Sep-22 00:16

I have been doing a lot of table view view work of late and I just wanted to acknowledge the work engineering have done with upping the record limit to 2 billion and with selections and counts etc.

These changes are superbly implemented and give a massive degree of control over selecting, updating and checking selection counts etc. I always thought that I thought I would miss M8's automatic updating of selections when a selected record is edited, but the new M9 method gives so much control.

Keep up the great work. These changes have finally made Manifold 8 redundant for a large part of my work

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#02-Sep-22 04:27

Having ventured into Lidar world, I agree.

I've switched over.

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