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#10-Aug-22 12:34

Welcome to the new updates for Manifold 9, Manifold 8 and SQL for ArcGIS Pro!

Manifold 9 / SQL for ArcGIS Pro

9.0.177.last - easily edit min / max scale for a layer, render scale for drawings / labels, layouts show drawings / labels at true scale, smooth tolerance + prefer positions above / below line for line labels - overlap spacing for labels, repeat mode + straight / straight horizontal / straight perpendicular modes + bend spacing + tighter overlap shapes for line labels, -export command for Commander (MANIFOLDCMD), improvements to MIF - offset for line labels, -runqueryfile / -runquerytext commands for MANIFOLDCMD, support for JSONL / GEOJSONL, improvements to JSON / GEOJSON / TIFF / DBF / SHP - 64-bit only, table window can show up to 2 billion records, show number of displayed records / number of fetched records for table / query / command window, improvements to ECW / JPEG2K / FLT / XYZ / NC, support for ArcGIS 3 (SQL for ArcGIS Pro) - show number of selected records / total number of records for tables, queries and components based on them, MANIFOLDCMD tool for automating common tasks

Manifold 8 - 64-bit only

The updates are available on the Product Downloads page.

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