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#10-Aug-22 12:30

This thread describes the last batch of updates to the 9.0.177.x build series.

The builds are available on the Product Downloads page.


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#10-Aug-22 12:30


(Fix) Labels following lines no longer sometimes apply bend spacing a little too early.

The opacity / scale min / scale max / field width readouts in the Layers pane are aligned left. The color picker for the virtual background layer is made wider to be similar to color pickers in the Style pane.

The Closest (Min) Scale / Farthest (Max) Scale modes for map layers in the Layers pane are replaced with the single Min / Max Scale mode that shows both scales together. Editing scales is done using the Scales dialog. The dialog allows picking each scale from a list that includes even scales (1, 10, 100, etc) as well as uneven scales used as limits in other layers. The dialog also shows the current scale.

The Scales dialog prints scales with thousand separators for readability, and accepts scales entered with thousand separators by the user.

Applying scale limits to a layer keeps the layer visible at the scale exactly equal to the closest scale, but hides it at the scale exactly equal to the farthest scale. This allows showing exactly one layer out of a sequence of layers with matching scale boundaries, eg: +10k, 10k-50k, 50k+.

The layout window paints drawings and labels at true scale (zooming in and out changes the visual size of drawing objects and labels). Label placement algorithms may still produce slightly different results on screen vs on page, and for different zooms on screen, due to different tolerances.

The Layers pane allows specifying render scale for map layers with vector data (drawings and labels) using the Scales dialog. Render scale is applied during painting in windows and during printing.

Rendering labels with render scale does not render anything if the specified render scale is too small (10 times smaller than the current scale) or too big (100 times bigger than the current scale).

(Fix) Applying bend spacing to labels following near-straight lines no longer sometimes (rarely) fails and crams label glyphs into the same location.

Editing a text style allows specifying whether the system should prefer placing labels following a line with left / right offset above or below the line. The default is above.

(Fix) Placing labels following a line with left / right offset in repeat mode always tries to place labels along all 'left' or all 'right' parts of a branch (was stopping after successfully placing labels along one such part).

Editing a text style allows specifying smooth tolerance applied to a line for labels following lines. The default is 50% of the font height.

End of list.

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