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Corentin117 post(s)
#08-Aug-22 13:28


What would be your tips to import a pdf, and then register it in manifold?

few years ago I was doing the following : importing in inkscape, then export in dxf, then import in manifold8

Now with manifold 9, how would you do that? Any other/better way to do it (the drag and drop in M9 doesn't work)

Here is a snapshot of the pdf I want to import and register. I would guess it has been generated by manifold8 (you can see the layers list on the left of the screenshot)

Corentin117 post(s)
#08-Aug-22 13:39

I just did it, and successfully imported the rivers (in blue), but not the points (e.g. the red star "ROKON 31.8MW) :(

Any idea on how I could imports the points?


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#08-Aug-22 14:48

I assume you exported the PDF as a DXF again and imported the DXF in 9, correct? If so, do these points appear in the DXF? (Try opening the DXF using a program different than 9, eg, 8, or maybe Inkscape itself, if it can also read DXF files and not just write them.)

Corentin117 post(s)
#08-Aug-22 18:01

I tried to import both in Manifold 8 & 9, the points do not appear

Here is what I got in M9

only <geom,line>

How can I see if some lines are with only 1 point?

Corentin117 post(s)
#08-Aug-22 18:21

Since I suspect the original pdf to have been created by manifold I run a test : I created a drawing in M8, then made a map and a layout out of it, in order to export it in pdf:

imported the pdf in inkscape, exported in dxf, then imported back in manifold 8.

Here is the result :

The original points appears as circles !

I must now try with the stars and triangles as in the real pdf...


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#09-Aug-22 03:43

I save the pdf as a png file using Acrobat and then import into Manifold and georegister it.

This works fine at the scale I usually work with (>1:200).

If you need a vector component then I guess this won't help.


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#10-Aug-22 09:40

Exporting points to a PDF exports how they look. Importing the result back produces lines / areas. This happens because PDF is essentially a set of instructions of what to paint that can contain vector and raster painting commands.

Importing and re-exporting the PDF as a DXF adds its own set of potential issues.

The stars in the PDF in the first post might appear in the DXF as lines / areas. Maybe they have the wrong scale / position and that's why you don't see them where they should be. Alternatively, they might not be in the result at all. These two problems are different, that's why I asked you to check the DXF using some other program. If a third-party program will find the stars in the DXF and will paint them in the correct position, we are looking at a potential problem with our DXF import. Otherwise, we are likely looking at a potential problem with the Inkscape's DXF export.

Corentin117 post(s)
#10-Aug-22 11:39

I opened the dxf with nanoCAD, manifold 8 and manifold 9, the stars appears in none of them.

So it seems the problem comes from the dxf export from inkscape.

Do you know any other software that may be able to import the pdf and export it in a vector format that manifold 8 or 9 can import?

On the other hand I already used the method from Steve (with Gimp instead of Acrobat), worked fine to import the pdf as an image (png). Then it is easy to register it!


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#10-Aug-22 11:48

I'd use an image as well.

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#10-Aug-22 22:32

A while back I was creating compass roses in hopes of one day importing them into Manifold 9 so they could be scaled to size for whatever project I was working on. Here's an example.

Is that a possible future capability or an impossible one?

Mariner's Compass Vector.png


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#11-Aug-22 09:03

I use custom compass roses all the time. See the discussion in this thread:

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