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Corentin111 post(s)
#01-Aug-22 10:20


the original purpose of all this is to import geojson into manifold8.

First I imported the data in Manifold 9, worked fine. Got 21000 records geoms (areas) and a bunch of columns. When I export in shapefile to import in manifold8 some of the column's name are simplified. I want to keep the exact column names in manifold 8. (I need to work in manifold 8 in order to use an addin that exist only there)

So I tried to make my M9 file an ODBC data source in order to import it in Manifold8, but since the new versions of manifold 9 the ext.dll is no more in a bin64 folder. So my odbc setting dialog is lost.

for the non french speaking manifold users it says "specified module cannot be found" system code error 126

(the folder name manifold- is right, I had to keep this name for this exact reason : keeping the odbc link alive; I am running M9.177.2, at each new version I just unzip the new version it in this old folder)

If I copy paste the exl.dll in a bin64 folder that I would create I can create the odbc link, but manifold 8 dont open it, it crashes (and this method do not seems clean)

in summary : how to export large data (especially large column name) from Manifold 9 to 8. If the answer involves using ODBC, how can I fix my ODBC problem?


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#01-Aug-22 11:02

Start fresh, using the latest version of 9 and create an ODBC data source using the instructions in the Example: Connect to Manifold using Release 8.

Corentin111 post(s)
#01-Aug-22 14:13

Thank you.

I will give it try when I will be in front of my computer. As long as I remember it was not working to create it from start because the odbc driver seek in /bin64 for the ext.dll and refuse even to delete the old source because it find nothing there.

How can I remove it properly to put it back with the right path?


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#01-Aug-22 15:58

Configure the ODBC driver from the About dialog in Manifold (presumably, the latest build). It shouldn't matter whether the ODBC driver used to be installed from a different location, the dialog is prepared to handle that.

One thing to watch out for is that the name of the ODBC driver for base builds is different from that for cutting edge builds. This is done so that base builds and cutting edge builds can co-exist. The name of the ODBC driver cited in the message box in the first post is for a cutting edge build. So, to repair it, you have to use a cutting edge build as well.

Corentin111 post(s)
#01-Aug-22 17:26

Thank you for your answers,

Still not working :(

I downloaded M9.0.177.4, unzip it in C:\Manifold9\ and used its about dialog to "update" the odbc driver

I tried both method : from manifold 8 (tools/database console/... // new / ODBC datasource / machine datasource / new /

it gives me that :

or directly from windows dialogs, give the same result.


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#02-Aug-22 07:53

Launch 8 in 64-bit mode.

The error message references a 32-bit version of the ODBC driver for We stopped shipping 32-bit modules starting with The ODBC driver for that you installed is 64-bit.

Corentin111 post(s)
#02-Aug-22 08:50

I use to run 8 in 32 bit,

I installed and tried to launch it but it requests the activation key. My IT colleagues are in vacation, so they cannot give me a key. :(

is there another way for me to import this geojson in M8 32-bit keeping all the column name intact?

And even if I do succeed to do geojson -> M9 -> M8-64 bit; will I be able to open the .map (64bit?) with my old M8 32 bit? I need to open it in 32 bit to run a 32 bit add in on it.


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#02-Aug-22 09:02

Legacy, 32-bit builds of Release 9 are available on the 32-bit Downloads page. Build 177 is available there. You could use the ODBC driver in that if you want to use 32-bit code.

The other option is to use the current 9 build, import the geojson file into 9 and then export to some format that 8 reads. But I'd just use ODBC.

Corentin111 post(s)
#02-Aug-22 09:10

Yes, which format?

shapefile is not good for me because it truncates column names, I have ~200 columns in this table, I would like not to have to correct all columns manually.

(Well I guess I can export the table in csv, import the geom in shapefile in M8, and then link both table with some primary key)


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#02-Aug-22 14:06

All of the typical formats like e00, mif, and shapefiles have limits on file names compared to either 8 or 9. That's why I suggest just using ODBC.

What version of Release 8 do you have installed? Is it 32 bit or 64 bit? If it is 32-bit, use the legacy 32-bit Release 9 base build. If it is 64-bit, use a current Release 9 build.


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#02-Aug-22 14:48

To expand a little on what Dimitri is saying wrt using the ODBC driver of 9 in 32-bit mode:

Take the last build of 9 that has 32-bit modules from the 32-bit Downloads page. That'd be 9.0.177. A portable ZIP is fine. Run the 32-bit version of MANIFOLD.EXE (under BIN). Use the About box to install / update the ODBC driver. Since 9.0.177 is a base build, not a cutting edge build, the name of the ODBC driver is going to be 'Manifold 9.0 Project Driver (*.map)' without the '(Experimental)'. Use that driver from the 32-bit version of Manifold 8.


And even if I do succeed to do geojson -> M9 -> M8-64 bit; will I be able to open the .map (64bit?) with my old M8 32 bit? I need to open it in 32 bit to run a 32 bit add in on it.

Yes. It does not generally matter whether MAP files are created by Manifold running in 32-bit or 64-bit mode (aside from linked tables, etc). The file data is the same. There are differences between data created by Manifold 8 and Manifold 9, of course, but not between data created by Manifold 8 32-bit and Manifold 8 64-bit, nor between data created by Manifold 9 32-bit and Manifold 9 64-bit.

Corentin111 post(s)
#03-Aug-22 08:31

Thank you Dimitri and Adam for your answers,

Exporting the geoms in shapefile and the table in a separate CSV, and then joining them into manifold 8 worked directly.

I will wait for my colleagues from IT to come back from holidays to ask for a manifold 8 - 64 bit activation key, and then fix my odbc issue with the latest version of Manifold 8 & 9.

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