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#28-Jul-22 03:55

While M9 was importing an Australia-wide 1sec .adf dragging components from the Project Pane onto a map in M8 was blocked. The component could be selected but not dragged. Any other click/drag actions tried were not affected. Odd? M9 9.0.176 M8

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#28-Jul-22 06:02

Such things may happen when the clipboard is involved. Did you start the adf import by drag and drop from file explorer? Or perhaps you had copied some component in M9 before import.


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#28-Jul-22 06:02

9 and 8 are completely independent applications. What can happen is that if you are working with a large image in 9, Windows can hang up the user interface ("block") for both 9 and other applications as Windows sorts out cache issues. It could be that there was something else in common that was sensitive to what Windows was doing, like how the clipboard was being used, etc., that both 9 and 8 were using which would also have shown up in some other Windows application that did the same thing.


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#28-Jul-22 09:19

When you perform a drag-and-drop operation, further drag-and-drop operations cannot start until the one you performed finishes. That's a system limitation. Wait until the import completes.

What complicates things is that some drag-and-drop operations might not really be such from the point of view of the system, and might be an application doing something limited that just looks like a "real" drag-and-drop that can go between different applications. Some drag-and-drop operations in 8 and 9 are like this (we try to keep as many of such operations internal as we can) so they continue to work. Others are "real" and they refuse to work until another "real" drag-and-drop operation somewhere on the machine finishes.


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#28-Jul-22 10:01

Correct, I dragged the adf into M9. Awake to that now and will import large data in future, that dragged import would have taken a few hours.


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