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#20-Jul-22 13:31

There's a new video online in the videos page: 10 Minute Tutorial - Very Big Table Windows


New in Manifold Release 9: Manifold now displays up to 2 billion records for interactive viewing in table windows, automatically displaying all records for tables stored in Manifold projects and allowing user choice of the display viewport from 5000 records to all records in the table for tables stored in data sources outside the project, like Oracle, SQL Server, PostgreSQL or other databases.

The video shows the speed of working with nearly 1.295 million records in a local Manifold table, and shows how to set options for choosing a display size for tables in external databases. Fast and easy!

Works in the free Manifold Viewer, too!

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#20-Jul-22 23:16

I could have used that 4 years ago. I used my M9 to calculate the animal carrying capacity for every slice of land in the county. It turns out when you slice the county like that, there were significantly more than 50,000 records. The idea was for our agriculture appraisers to use Manifold Viewer on the server to sum the slices for individual owners and determine how many livestock they should have based on science rather than based on an arbitrary thought experiment which doesn't work. If the owner had enough livestock then they qualified for a different appraisal method which significantly reduced their taxes. So this was important to a lot of large land owners.

The issue from my standpoint was the number of clumsy steps I had to write into the instructions for the appraiser to account for the records not showing with the 50,000 viewing limit. One of the appraisers got so frustrated trying to understand the process he gave up and came to me for his analyses. The other one blindly followed the steps and was knocking these reports out in just a few minutes. The scientific approach revolutionized the ag appraisal process, but I would have to call it unreliable because of the nitpicky steps which could easily render the results incorrect if the data record limits were not treated exactly right. This change to the table viewing size solves that problem and makes Manifold 9 much better for appraisal use.


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#22-Jul-22 10:55

I think another change which would help in that scenario is the new Commander capability. It would let you fully automate the process for appraisers, using scripts or SQL.


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#22-Jul-22 21:12

This is a great video by the way. The improvements to working with the table window are extremely welcome and as ever very well thought-out.

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