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#02-Jul-22 13:08

Welcome to the new updates for Manifold 9, Manifold 8 and SQL for ArcGIS Pro!

Manifold 9 / SQL for ArcGIS Pro

9.0.176.last - two new editions: Professional / Server, text field style for files - server can run as a Windows service, Manage Services tool, enter traverse commands into insert coordinate - faster LAZ with additional improvements for COPC, optimizations for overlays / overlay filters / selections on big tables - license can be installed for all users, faster parallel downloads / session-wide cache / instant cancels for image servers / TMS / WMTS / ArcGIS REST, text field style for email addresses, suggest control point locations for registration - read-only database server (MANIFOLDSRV) as a console application, rendering support, any number of simultaneous requests from same client, tunneling of nested data sources - fast switch between selected / all records, print arbitrarily big images, faster batch inserts for PostgreSQL, fixes for OSM / PBF - optimizations for IN / NOT IN, sieve transform, unique / percentile / statistic selects - layer scale limits, better exports to GDB / SHP / DBF / KML / KMZ

Manifold 8 - license can be installed for all users - fixes for virtual tables for rasters in queries

The updates are available on the Product Downloads page.

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