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#28-Jun-22 12:00

There's a new video: 10 Minute Tutorial - Manage Services

Description: The video shows the new Manage Services dialog that allows launching Server instances as Windows Services for really easy launching and management of Server instances. Launch Server with no need to use Command Prompt windows and command lines, and start and stop Server instances as desired. Super!


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#29-Jun-22 16:12

Congrats, That's a great tool.

Are you planning on using Manifold Server to serve OGC services like WFS, WMS as well?

GeoJson would be nice, too.

Organizations that want to adapt to CHANGE are using products that can adapt.


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#29-Jun-22 16:18

Eventually, yes, that's in the plans.


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#16-Nov-22 21:06

Any updates on this one?

Organizations that want to adapt to CHANGE are using products that can adapt.


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#22-Nov-22 11:15

We are currently working on a big feature unrelated to the web. The big feature after that will be selected from a list that contains the web as well as several other things, we did not yet decide which one it is going to be.

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#02-Jan-23 01:15

When you look at providing the Web Services data (GeoJSON, Raster, Protobuf) using WFS, WMS, WMTS, TMS etc. you also need to consider hosting and licensing as they will likely be hosted in large scale environments with many dynamic instances.

Ex, running as:

  • Windows Service in static VM / Dedicated hardware
  • Auto-scaled cloud VM (scaled up with additional instances based on load or schedule)
  • Container in a single host
  • Container in a cluster and managed by Kubernetes, with scaling instances up and down
  • How do we manage the licenses and keep them assigned to the hosts?
  • Could we buy 10 server licenses, deploy a cluster with 5 containers that can auto-scale with another 5 when required?
  • Where would we configure license keys? Maybe it's time for a license server/service again? or just a S3 bucker/Blob storage location with a license file which the cluster can access?

Looking forward to using Manifold for web projects.

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#13-Dec-22 22:01

This could be a nice feature...

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