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flyashph3 post(s)
#21-Jun-22 10:45

I've been a long time user of Manifold 08, but now has started to use Manifold 09. Im using Manifold to connect to Oracle Database, but with Manifold 09, seemingly even labels and styles are done direct to the database and not within the application.

For instance, as the owner PRDGIS, I can change the styles of each layer easily. However I have to grant editing roles to others hence I have granted select, insert, update and delete to specific tables. I have tested that you can actually edit, delete, insert and update each of the tables - but I get ORA- 010131 insufficient privilege over mere changing of styles. If I do the same for Manifold 08, I can freely do it as it seems to happen on application level.

How do I grant editing of styles for other users using Manifold 09?


10,011 post(s)
#21-Jun-22 13:06

Grant read-write access to the MFD_META table (to whoever you want to allow changing styles and similar things).

Alternatively, copy a drawing (just the drawing, not the table) in your Oracle data source and paste it into the MAP file that contains the Oracle data source. Then open that drawing (it should still be fetching data for objects from the Oracle database) and edit styles in that drawing. Then save the MAP file, of course, if you want to keep changes to styles.

9 can store styles, etc, either directly in the database (the first option) or outside of it (the second option).

flyashph3 post(s)
#21-Jun-22 13:59

Thank you very much adamw - Superb!!!! I granted select, insert, update and delete on MFD_Meta table as you suggested, and boom! All the styles, labels and the whole Map itself is already there and the users don't need to re-do the styling - basically standardized symbology across the database! Superb!!! This is a great feature now in Manifold 09 to have!!! Great Work!!! Again thank you very much!!!!

flyashph3 post(s)
#21-Jun-22 14:03

For users in general I'll just grant read-only perhaps to preserve the styling! Again so happy thank you very much!

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