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#14-Jun-22 23:57


What is the workflow for this in Version 9?

I am not sure how to select an area on a linked image from a Google Server and turn it into a image file.



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#15-Jun-22 04:50

Currently you can't do that in 9.

If you have v8, you can link the image, pan around the area you want to save for offline use (so to catch it on your disk), and then do the command Tools-Make Image, option: centered view in current scale. Set size to include all the extend you want. Then export it to tiff.


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#15-Jun-22 05:25


I have Version 8 but can not get the image servers to work.

I have read the forum posts and tried unblocking the dlls but they still dont work. I know it is user error!

Frustrating. After spending an hour or so trying to make it work - I am now using other software to get this task done.




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#15-Jun-22 10:50

Be sure to use the latest image server DLLs. They have been updated. See this thread. You can also download them from the main web site.

On topic: there's no easy way to save part of a web image in 9 indeed. There are complex ways, but they are just that, complex. We are planning to add a tool specifically for that in the future (we'll add Make Image as well, but it's not a perfect fit).


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#16-Jun-22 17:36


Thanks. I got the imageservers in V8 to work OK now. I am using the 64 bit version.

I notice that in V9 the response from the Google Satellite image server is much faster than in V8. In V8 when I zoom in it just stays fuzzy which looks like it is not getting the higher resolution tiles from Google's server. Do they throttle or is there a resolution limit?

Is there a way around this in V8? V9 works fine.




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#17-Jun-22 07:16

I notice that in V9 the response from the Google Satellite image server is much faster than in V8.

Build 176.5 introduced an internal download manager that fetches image server tiles through multiple connections so that may be why you're seeing faster loads in 9.

As to lower resolution, I'd guess (just a guess) it could be that Google is either throttling or just slower to send the higher resolution tiles over one connection as used in 8.


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#17-Jun-22 17:16

Thanks Dimitri. I tried it again today and the tiles were served up OK. Yesterday I could only zoom in so far and then it stopped.

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