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radiowebst44 post(s)
#26-May-22 17:41

I have tested and tried many times but I cannot seem to get the Stamen Toner Lite image server to work in Manifold. Works fine in QGIS. Is there something different I should be doing in Manifold to make this work? I have another Stamen server that works for terrain data. Tried to just edit that one for the toner lite tiles and that didn't work either.



583 post(s)
#26-May-22 19:06



  PROPERTY 'Source' '{ "Source": "https:\\/\\/\\/toner-lite\\/{zoom}\\/{x}\\/{y}@2x.png", "SourceAgent": "Mozilla\\/5.0 Manifold\\/9.0", "SourceCache": true, "SourceCacheTemp": true, "SourceTileSizeSingle": 512, "SourceUuid": "763bebec-99fb-4dae-91eb-ba5bd9905d49", "SourceZooms": [ 0, 20 ] }',

  PROPERTY 'Type' 'imageserver'


Run this in a command window.

radiowebst44 post(s)
#26-May-22 20:54

Worked like a charm! Thank you Sloots!

Can you explain why this didn't work by normal methods so that I may understand what I did wrong?


583 post(s)
#26-May-22 22:15

My guess is that the {r} token is not taken care of and you must choose the right image size (512 instead of the default 256). Furthermore I believe that {z} must be changed to {zoom}.


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#01-Jun-22 13:56

Correct. The supported escape sequences like {x}, {y} or {zoom} are listed in Help, eg, in:

Start > Formats and Data Sources > Web Servers > Custom Servers

There's no {r}, it should be replaced with one of the allowed values, {z} should be {zoom}, and {s} should be either replaced with one of the allowed values or with {switch:...}.

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