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#11-May-22 00:15

Hi friends, do you know where we can find the World map files, that used to be at the M8 Downloads on the Manifold site. The files are no longer available, and I need those vector world files for some simple maps.

Any help? and give a 404 error.

Thanks in advanced. Tomas

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#11-May-22 01:33


first result.

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#11-May-22 02:59

HI Csb. I did checked that page, but the file that the link goes to, is not available. I just found another one on another site. Thanks.


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#12-May-22 00:39

Email sales and let them know of the dead links.


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#11-May-22 17:42

All the link return by google don't find the zip file url path ( invalid) . The 2 zip files seem only available from the manifold web site page call Manifold Software - GIS and Database Tools the 2 links after don't work

  • (185,779 KB) - Miscellaneous data sets in low, medium and high resolution for the entire world, including NASA's "Blue Marble" image.
  • => 404 Not Found (
  • =>

and after on bottom

  • (159,989 KB) - Manifold World CD 1 in Manifold .map format. Countries extracted from VMAP 0, trimmed to country boundaries. Includes European Countries plus Australia, New Zealand and Canada. Useless if you don't have Manifold System. Very handy if you do
  • .=> 404 Not Found (
  • =>

so yes zip file are not in the server even there is a link ( error 404).

in documentation , after use the google search input form manifold refer a lot to world earth

in Example: Create a Map Showing OSM Use by Country ( ""We will download a medium scale layer of countries from theNatural Earthwebsite.



in Example: Use Edit - Join to Map a Pandemic (

""""" We import a world map of countries originally taken from Natural Earth. """""

so perhaps see in the main original web site Natural Earth - Free vector and raster map data at 1:10m, 1:50m, and 1:110m scales (

Could you post the website name and url from which you download the world vector /Raster file ?


NB i was amaze in the documentation by the number ofdata Source supported by manifold ( read ODBC part ) and manifold database and file are in the list now !!!


union, doc , APIand most important deepl & keyboard shortcut

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#12-May-22 05:58

Hi Friends.

I Used the one from IPUMS International.

The World Map release 2020.

Best wishes to all.

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