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#09-May-22 16:21

There's a new video on the videos page: First Look - Manifold Server


Introducing Manifold Server, Manifold's new, high speed, fully parallel, multiuser spatial database. Covering in the first 15 minutes the essentials of launching Server, using Server to share data, and connecting to Server from Manifold, the video continues to show different options and key advantages of using Server.

See how to make multiple, simultaneous connections to Server, to share the same data between multiple users at the same time. Launch multiple Server instances on the same machine to share different constellations of data and databases.

Launch queries for server-side execution for breathtaking speed and performance. Connect to databases within Server through automatic tunneling. Connect from the same client to multiple Server instances on different machines to use dozens of threads on different machines for parallel computation and rendering. Amazing!


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#09-May-22 16:51

very good video. Once you open this up to other clients (browsers, Esri, QGIS, etc.), it will expand the reach exponentially. Having worked with numerous server products, I am especially impressed at how simple this is. Drop a .map linked to multiple other .maps on a server, and it is now available everywhere, fully symbolized. It is the easiest server implementation out there, and it is also likely the most flexible in terms of a single repository connected to Esri REST servers, Postgres servers, SQL Server, other images, etc. I love the fact that someone can simply create a link like you have for the REST cannister. Doing that kind of connectivity take a good deal of programming that most users don't have. In this case, a few drag and drops gives a novice the kind of server sophistication only available to high priced consultants.

I can't wait to see where this goes...

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