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#08-May-22 19:19

I've got a connection to a Manifold project using ODBC (thanks to Manifold tech advice). So, living inside of ArcGIS's python interpreter:

import pyodbc

cnxn = pyodbc.connect("""

   DRIVER={Manifold 9.0 Project Driver (Experimental) (*.map)};


""", autocommit=True)

cursor = cnxn.cursor()

cursor.execute("""UPDATE states SET name = 'New York'""")


so, we are issuing Manifold SQL inside of ArcGIS Pro. All good. But, I am working with a .map file that already has the states table in it. What I would like to do, is reference a .map file, and then using SQL, link to a geodatabase that has the "states" table in it, and then issue the SQL statement.

As far as I can tell, there isn't a way to File -> Link an external source using SQL. Does anyone have ideas on this?



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#08-May-22 20:51

Why are you so set on running Manifold from Arc*, when Manifold have made it so easy and powerful to run Arc* from Manifold?


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#08-May-22 21:09

secret mission


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#08-May-22 21:11

stupid comment


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#09-May-22 00:21

are you referring to my comment as a “stupid comment”?


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#09-May-22 00:24

I thought it was, yes Art.

You did not answer my question, and you possibly gave away information that you were obliged to keep private.

So yes, I thought it was stupid.

Though you most certainly are not.


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#09-May-22 01:43

I did not give away information I was obligated to keep private, you make many assumptions about people on this forum

You seem to go through spurts of insulting people without thinking through what you are writing only to have to apologize later, like here, here, and here. We’ve dealt with this for many years, and you really should choose your words more carefully.

“Stupid comment” is unnecessarily insulting.


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#09-May-22 02:06

"Stupid comment" is not insulting if true. It's not about you, but your words.

OK I am a bit of a loose cannon Art--almost Italian, I know that. The forum has been very forgiving of me.

So, when you said "secret mission [winky face]", what did you actually mean?

And how about answering my question?


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#09-May-22 03:10

I did not give away information I was obligated to keep private

I disagree.

You did not by content (clearly), but did by implication (assuming I understood something and not nothing).

Maybe the language difference is such that I understood nothing.

Remember that this is an international English forum, commercially based in Hong Kong, served in the United Kingdom, driven mainly by volunteers in (broadly speaking) Europe.

None of us is speaking American.


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#08-May-22 21:39

In my case the answer would be because we are an ESRI shop but I would like to be able to leverage the power of Manifold when required, particularly behind the scenes for data preparation and fast serving of information through an ESRI infrastructure.

I use Manifold all the time. My colleagues other than a couple of others don't. As an organisation we are not going to change to Manifold so I see this as a potential opportunity to greatly enhance many workflows and entrench Manifold in the firms infrastructure.

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#09-May-22 00:11

[Dan has had a little bit of time to read my post. I have deleted it to save others the trouble. Пожалуйста.]


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#09-May-22 01:05

So Dan--you are an excellent "data point" for this question:

How happy would you be, on a scale of 1 to 10, to see Manifold become a "plug-in only" GIS tool, with a minimal UI but with almost no ongoing dev effort put into the UI?

We could see Manifold as, for example THE necessary plugin for professional ArcGIS, to manage data (but not present it).

How would you feel about that.


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#09-May-22 03:19

I would be very unhappy Tim, but by the same token, I don't really see why it has to be exclusively 'GIS system only' or 'plug in only'.

I am not a marketing person as you well know, but I would guess that there are opportunities in both camps and even accelerating other products at the backend is potentially a good way to sell units or garner interest in the wider product range.

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#08-May-22 21:08

never mind. I checked my own book and found the answer (what a dummy):


PROPERTY 'Source' '{ "Source": "C:\\\\temp\\\\delgis\\\\sql4arc.gdb\\\\gdb", "SourceCacheExternal": true }',

PROPERTY 'Type' 'gdb'



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#12-May-22 14:54

I'll add: if you copy a component in the Project pane, then paste the result into a text window (eg, into the text portion of a command window in Manifold, or into Notepad), you will get the CREATE xxx statement for whatever you copied.


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#13-May-22 03:15

I discover this behaviour and the Logic would be that if i open a table and select range of cells in differents ways, i should chose the format when paste:

1)select the table, it ll paste content ( in excel or in table view in word ffice)

2)select the row, it ll paste a list with "," beetween each value if column

3)select the column ( discontinue or not) , it ll paste a list of selected value ( using "," beetween items).

"," because common in SQL query..

What i like in office word is that i can copy table in excel an choose paste as a raster in word office and resize image in word without loose thé ratio. I wait for this functionnalities from open viewable manifold multi layers components . Select in drawing should select items in table but also define a boundingbox area for paste raster inside manifold or outside ( raster paintnet or photoshop) or paste Vector items in Illustrator or autocad. In a way buffer content should not be fix and paste content should let user the choice of content type like text/list or Vector or Raster .. even if Vector and raster are text order in a specific structure ( svg ai.....PNG JPEG).

In a way select/copy an area in a drawing should let me paste in différents contexts :

-style in CSS format or

- shape in svg or

-projection in XML / json or

- geom in another geom cell of a manifold table...or

-raster in manifold or raster in photoshop

-vector in Vector tools ( serif design, Illustrator).

-row table in excel with column header or not, geom render in wkt format

NB "circular.." word appear in manifold when convert geom to wkt... Inside manifold!! Specific to manifold or wkt specification ?

union, doc , APIand most important deepl & keyboard shortcut


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#13-May-22 14:44

In 8 we used to support different copy-paste scenarios using a single Copy and multiple Paste as A / B / C commands. But after 8 we saw that multiple Copy A / B / C commands work better, because these commands allow pasting A / B / C into applications other than Manifold. We are planning to add various Copy commands all over the system.

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