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#14-Feb-22 06:04

Since it is still a bit cumbersome to copy a style from one component to another I have made a little add-in that does all the work for you.

All you have to do is choose the source component and select one or more target components.

To make it all work, just unzip (and unblock?!) all the files in de attached zip-file.


Chris Sloots

P.S. It can not copy the style if it is still the default style. This is because there is no property to copy the style from. And so far I have been unable to figure out how to delete an existing property.


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#14-Feb-22 07:13

Hi Sloots, the add-in works wonderfully. Thanks for sharing it. With complex legends, having to perform the copy/paste between drawings can become a bit time consuming. This will help a lot.

Bernd Raab67 post(s)
#14-Feb-22 08:43

Hi Sloots, thanks for this little gem, it works fine and is a big time saver.


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#15-Feb-22 00:16

Wonderful. Thanks for sharing Sloots.

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