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Tfeldkamp2 post(s)
#13-Jan-22 08:36

How can I find out how many records I have selected in a table??? Thank you.


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#13-Jan-22 09:16

Well, in the totally inconvenient kludge department, you can use SQL. Suppose your table is called MyTable:

Pop open a command window and run


That will report the number of records selected. You can undock the command window and leave it open somewhere on your windows desktop so that whenever you want to know the number of records selected you can re-run the above by clicking the open command window to move the focus there, and then hitting the ! Run button on the toolbar.

Tfeldkamp2 post(s)
#13-Jan-22 10:51

Dimitri, THANK YOU. Being a kludge kind of guy, this is great!

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#13-Jan-22 15:20

And if you need a lot that information, you can send a suggestion to advocate the addition of automatic showing selected rows in a table or entities in a drawing in the info pane.


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#14-Jan-22 02:39

I send a suggestion for have this information appear in info pane and continue to advocate ...

union, doc , APIand most important deepl & keyboard shortcut

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