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RAR110 post(s)
#06-Jan-22 20:28

I have a folder with hundreds of tif files.

Does anyone has a script for Maifold 9 to create bounding rectangles for each tif file in that folder please?

Thank you!

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#06-Jan-22 21:12

Sorry I don't, but I was just wondering about a way to make an area around a DEM? That seems similar. All I wanted was the area covered by the DEM, and I thought making an area the size of the DEM would be the way to do that. It works, but it's a bit tedious and not good for hundreds of files. If there is a way other than manual clicking around the outline, that would be ideal.


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#07-Jan-22 06:24

I'd just use gdaltindex. See the example in that web page for creating a shapefile that contains bounding rectangles for a folder full of .tif files.

RAR110 post(s)
#07-Jan-22 12:42

Thank you all; I will try those.


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