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#30-Dec-21 15:38

This thread describes the last batch of updates to the 9.0.175.x series of builds for Manifold System 9 and SQL for ArcGIS Pro.

The builds can be downloaded from the Product Downloads page.


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#30-Dec-21 15:39

Manifold System 9

The Style dialog for numeric / vector values no longer shows the language picker when using choices.

The Style dialogs with choices have a toolbar with the Delete button which deletes selected choices. (We are planning to add several more buttons for choices in the future.)

Table values for a field formatted as a list of choices that do not correspond to any of the specified choices are shown in grayish color instead of with an '#' prefix.

The Options dialog has the new Colors tab which allows changing the following colors:

  • Selection - selected data,
  • Selection + preview - selected data with selection preview on top, used in table window,
  • Preview and paint progress - preview data or changed data or layer tab chevron for layers that are being painted,
  • Cache progress - layer tab chevron for layers that are being cached,
  • Invalid value - an invalid collation / coordinate system / etc,
  • Unknown value - a NULL value or an unrecognized choice.

Changes to colors are only applied after a restart.

The Layers pane supports the following new commands for table fields:

  • Show Align - shows and edits field alignment,
  • Show Language - shows and edits field language,
  • Show Style - shows and edits field style, specifying a new style for multiple fields only changes the style for fields whose type is compatible with that of the active field.

(Fix) Opening a LAZ file no longer sometimes fails for files with variable-size chunks.

Reading data from a LAZ file supports COPC (cloud optimized point cloud) spatial indexes. See for details and example data.

There is a new dataport for document servers that allows accessing spreadsheet data stored on Google Docs. The dataport takes an URL for a shared spreadsheet and shows it as one or more tables. The exposed data is read-only.

The data source for a document server can be refreshed.

The table coming from a document server can be refreshed.

A table can be exported as a new SQLITE database.

Reading data from a SQLITE database supports SRID of -1 used for unqualified coordinate system by Spatialite.

End of list.


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#30-Dec-21 15:39

SQL for ArcGIS Pro

There is a new button to open SQL in 32-bit mode: Open SQL 32-bit. The former Open SQL button is renamed to: Open SQL 64-bit.

There is a new Refresh button that refreshes tables and table definitions for all layers in all maps, to pick up changes made outside of ArcGIS (eg, in the SQL for ArcGIS add-in).

The Open SQL buttons support the following types of layers besides GDB: GDBMOBILE, GPKG, SQLITE.

The Open SQL buttons pick up layers from all maps instead of just the active map.

End of list.

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#31-Dec-21 17:33


I installed the latest SQ: fro ArcGIS Pro and it looks to show the add-in but when clicked Manifold does not lauch and the icons became greyed as shown in this attachment.

What could be wrong please?

Thank you,


SQL for ArcGIS Pro greyed.jpg

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#31-Dec-21 22:20

You installed the latest version. OK but how?

Did you literally install the product, from the installer? Then you activated it?

Or did you only move the most recent build components into the expected position?

You must first install a paid product, for any zipped build to work.

I'm sure you know all that, but here is silly me, spelling it out, just in case.

(And if you have a previous build installed--but for some reason wanted to leave that intact, while adding a cutting-edge build--then have you updated the Microsoft C++ libraries on your machine?)

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#01-Jan-22 15:47


I installed the latest version following exactly the instructions.

Somehow it greyed out both64 and 32 icons as soon as clicked without launching Manifold.

I uninstalled the previous one before installing the latest.

Thank you, Tim!


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#02-Jan-22 03:33

My install for both 8 and 9 required a re-start.

Aussie Nature Shots

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#02-Jan-22 12:07


I tried uninstalling and re-installing with restart each time but did not solve it.

I will contact Esri.

Thank you!



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#03-Jan-22 07:15

I will contact Esri.

? If you bought the product from Esri, by all means contact them. But if you bought SQL for ArcGIS Pro from Manifold, you should contact Manifold.

It sounds like you're causing yourself and others hassles (like threadjacking this thread...) by not leveraging the resources that can help you.

a) The terms of use of this forum include respecting the volunteer community: "Do not ask for support from a specific participant by name " but you started by asking Adam by name to help you. We don't want to abuse Adam's generosity in his participation in this forum by also asking him to do the work for which there is a tech support group at Manifold. There's a tech support channel for Manifold. Use it.

b) Manifold provides free support for installation and activation for SQL for ArcGIS Pro licensees if you follow the procedure for free support.

This forum doesn't allow discussion of serial numbers or activation, so there's no way for you to provide the necessary information to the forum that other participants must know to help you figure out what you've done wrong in the installation or activation of SQL for ArcGIS Pro. I'm not sugar coating that because 99.999% of the time it is a simple user error that is the issue, so may as well get started with that as the first hypothesis.

It's always a puzzle why people will thrash around for days having disjointed conversations in a forum, instead of simply contacting tech support and getting a solution right away for free.

Out of curiosity, why didn't you contact tech support back on 31 December? That's what the serial number email tells you to do, right? No need to struggle: just contact them, give them the info they need to help you (there's even a short checklist...) and let them solve the problem for you.

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#03-Jan-22 11:54

You are right.

I did not mean all that though; my apologies.

I will proceed as suggested.

Thank you!

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#30-Dec-21 18:51

Nice timing.

I hope you have a good break, and thank you for another great year.

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