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#26-Nov-21 07:54

It is about Troubleshooting list for scripts (

What the problem about 2 differents SQL script that call 2 differents script file ( name extnesion and location ) with the same content ?

I understand that

1) only the file that is inside map is inside manifold database db ( mfd_data & mfd_root) .

2) that we refer to the files using differents syntax ' Sample..cs ' ( external) or [Sample] ( inside *.map)

Can i have more information , i don't understand !


NB Does the content of file script inside manifold use utf-8 ?


union, doc , APIand most important deepl & keyboard shortcut


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#29-Nov-21 14:04

FUNCTION ... AS SCRIPT [abc] ENTRY ...; -- this refers to a script component named 'abc' in your project.

FUNCTION ... AS SCRIPT FILE 'abc.cs' ENTRY ...; -- this refers to a script file named 'abc.cs' somewhere in the Manifold folders (first we check either ~\bin or ~\bin64, depending on whether you are running the 32-bit or the 64-bit version of MANIFOLD.EXE, and we check both the folder and all its subfolders, then we check ~\shared and all its subolders, and finally we check two more folders which we will likely stop checking in the future, but for now they work: ~\Manifold\v9.0 in the machine-wide application data folder and ~\Manifold\v9.0 in the user-specific application data folder).

Script text in MAP files is stored as Unicode text (NVARCHAR), this is currently using UTF16, but we are going to switch to UTF8 in the future, yes.

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