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#25-Nov-21 13:29


I am using the M9 Build and continue to move my work completely over. I am now reading the manual and have a pretty good understanding of layouts, concepts of Manifolds' developing WYSIWYG capabilities and going to large format outputs and the need for consistency in page setup / printer setup.

I have a map with lots of text (labels) and when I zoom in far enough and set my text sizes correctly things look as expected (See scale before printing image attached).

There should NEVER be line-related labels over Africa for example on my map (See after printing image attached). I would love to be able to manage that scale right through printing and for the most part I am close but some labels are popping up on the output over Africa for example. I can't seem to get my output scale/dimensions correct to stop this.

I know labels that overprint, etc dynamically try and sort themselves out with each other which is very cool but I can't seem to get a small enough scale set on output to reflect the scale I am good with in M9.

I have attached to images, #1 is the in M9 view on screen and #2 the same place from the PDF created. I have used a couple PDF drivers with basically the same result.

I have also attached a dummy .map file which has been cropped to just a small area. The final output of all the data would be a large plot for a wall so I am not restricted by output size. The colors in the map file data are different from the images but the behavior applies.


1. Can I just turn off the label overprinting related behaviors?

2. Can I make the PDF output large enough to reflect the scale in M9?

3. Is there a better way all together?

Thanks in advance.


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#25-Nov-21 17:01

RESOLVED --- I simply remembered to move the countries on top of the lines in my map hierarchy and hide any land-based labels generated from the lines. Wow, too much "Thanksgiving" cheer here in the states.


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#29-Nov-21 14:14

I see you found a way to make things work in your particular case, but just so I understand - is the issue in that the labels are too big when printed? Their size on paper / in the PDF zoomed to 1:1 should be similar to the one in the map window (in physical centimeters / inches, give or take). We do have an outstanding issue of web images being printed in too fine detail with labels that are too small to read, but for vector data, the size should be correct. Or is this about something else?

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#01-Dec-21 13:39

Thanks. Once I got all my dimensions between the layout and target PDF set up consistently all is working just fine. Thank you so much!

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