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#22-Nov-21 13:52

There's a new video on the videos page: 10 Minute Tutorial - Fast Table Editing with Transform

It shows a quick import from CSV (just drag and drop...) with some handy manipulations using very simple regular expressions.


See how fast and easy it is to edit tables using the Transform pane in Manifold Release 9. Repetitive edits applying similar changes to different fields can be done fast - really fast! - with highly efficient workflow. Best of all, on the fly previews make it easy to use sophisticated editing techniques like regular expressions without fear of getting something wrong. The video shows a real life example of restructuring a table scraped from a NASA website that shows total and annular eclipses of the Sun from 2021 to 2100, converting the table from awkward form as published by NASA into more usable form.


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#23-Nov-21 18:48

Format data sometime IS a step for use data.

Technique to use are :




and script library base on this 3 ways to modify data for automate gui task.perhaps xpath and SQL are base on regex ?


Mix C# and thoses 3 techniques is the best if editor support debug SQL, xpath, regex.


I miss the train for xpath about a software that support XML xpath xslt and debug . The company disseppear. 10 years After Never find a tool better than this one ( i wanted to buy it) .

The tool don't learn for us but help a lot.

Sometime we don't have time to learn ......

The best way to learn is real usercase problem.

I read that dev don't write code but do a lot of debug most of the time. !!!!

Any recommendation (offline tool , Book ) to buy for C# and regex ?


Book about Science , cosmological model , Interstellar travels

Boyle surface fr ,en

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#23-Nov-21 21:22

Thanks for posting this. I learn something new every time with these videos and they have finally got me over the hump so I don't remember when the last time was I had to revert to M8 to do something. Once I understood the concept that everything in M9 is database driven, it started to make a lot more sense and I realized that (like this video) I had much more control over what I wanted to do and different ways to do it. That and being able to search the documentation when I'm trying to figure something out have made me much more productive.

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