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#17-Nov-21 18:08

at GeoPackage Implementations about radian , i can read this :

  • Radian Studio is a new Windows data engineering environment for GIS and DBMS that blends geospatial and traditional data capabilities. Radian automatically runs fully many-core CPU parallel and also massively GPU parallel using thousands of cores as a GPU DBMS. Radian has built-in GeoPackage support for full read/write of vectors and rasters, including read/write of WKB curves, geometry with Z/M, GP11 extensions, rasters with pyramids and full coordinate system support including SRIDs for GPKG coordinate systems.

What mean geometry with Z/M, GP11 extensions ?


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#17-Nov-21 23:10

geometry with Z means that it can store Z values as a third axes. I don't know of the "M" or "GP11". I know that this write-up seems dated and there should be an update on that site at GeoPackage Implementations. Old news.


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#17-Nov-21 23:46

M are measures. Usually used in linear reference systems.

GP11 should mean Geopackage 1.1.


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#24-Nov-21 04:03

I start learn C# and really like nuget and repository like github. Many project use Geopackage.

A GeoPackage contains a value in the user_version field of the SQLite database header to indicate its version. The value is a 5-digit integer with a one-digit major version, two-digit minor version, and two-digit bug-fix. Version 1.2, this is 10200 (Hex: 00 00 27 D8).Magic numbersHex: 47 50 4B 47


In the application_id field (byte offset 68) of the SQLite database header. Specific to GeoPackage files. Applies to Version 1.2 and greater Version 1.0 has value "GP10". Version 1.1 has value "GP11".

I will test with a hex editor...

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#29-Nov-21 14:24

Don't use a hex editor, there's a better way:

Link the GPKG file (into 9). Open the created data source. Right-click the data source in the Project pane and invoke: New Command Window. In the new command window, run: PRAGMA user_version. On the files exported by 9 this should report '10300' = version 1.3.


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#29-Nov-21 19:19

this work for link to *.gpkg file not *.sqlite (the words matter) .

It strange that we don't need to give information about the table or database to target since Command is in a way a kind of Query ....i was thinking it work for run queris on all tables but not . So new "new Command" is available only for datasource "::" and then all SQL code target things that are under datasource root name ' we can slide only the tables that are locate under the root database name link inside manifold ) .

Book about Science , cosmological model , Interstellar travels

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