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ranger.sean108 post(s)
#18-Oct-21 22:38

Apologies to everyone - I should have started a new thread to ask this rather than hijacking a different discussion.

Given the discussion re workarounds for north arrows and scale bars, I'm wondering whether anyone has a workflow for overcoming the current limitations aligning text in text boxes. For example, left aligning text for a map title?


326 post(s)
#19-Oct-21 02:56

While it doesn't appear so, M9 multi-line text is left aligned by default in each text element but it 'grows' from the centre. So, if the text box is too long for the text it will appear to be centre justified until you wrap to the next line. The only way I can think to make it appear left aligned is to resize the text box to exactly the size of the text (with no boarder) and then put a boarder around it to the size you want. A boarder can be made using another text box with no text in it and a transparent background. This can be seen in M9's legends.

I'm not sure if I interpreted your question correctly (?)

ranger.sean108 post(s)
#21-Oct-21 22:41

Hi Steve

Yes, you did interpret it correctly and your description of the problem was better than mine.

Sounds like you've been using the same workaround I have. Hopefully we'll see some more options to control placement of text within text elements going forward.

Thanks, Sean

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#19-Oct-21 08:53

There's a tool for that now. Here's a picture of it in action.

Label Alignment Tool1.png


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#19-Oct-21 11:50

I was assuming he was asking about text boxes in layouts and text in relation to the box border.

Interestingly, the text box style has that same position alignment dialog but changing it doesn't seem to make any difference.

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