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#12-Oct-21 03:28

I try to have access to Local database that is install during LinqPad installation.

I discover it is a specific MS SQL Express server that is use for dev purpose

There is restriction refer to official Microsoft Documentation but I don't really understand !!

I test and don't succeed to have acces to this database using manifold 9 and MS SQL !

Does manifod 9 support this Server ?



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#12-Oct-21 07:24

Does manifod 9 support this Server ?

Yes, of course. It is even used in the main databases topic discussing SQL Server. See the Install SQL Server topic, which uses Express.


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#12-Oct-21 13:23

I test again after configure number port and install new driver/provider ADO .

A) check step

In the process only the button test do the check , if we enter the value source without use Database login, there is no chek !

In some case manifold create this value after using Database Login check even after error !

B) value string

manifold """data source=(LocalDB);integrated security=sspi;initial catalog=MSSQLLocalDB;""""

Microsoft """Source=(LocalDB)\\MSSQLLocalDB;Integrated Security=true;AttachDbFileName=C:\\master.mdf; """

I think the variable name and value differ from ADO and SQL driver !

the Link is name " Install SQL Server" what i need is the second step configure not SQL server , not SQL Server Express but MSSSQLLocal !

C) using ado i have a differents information about same value using ADO ( number of reverse slash )

D) install SQL Server

LinqPad install MSSQLLocal by itself ( implicitly , hidden way ) So i don't need to go to the steps for install and configure "SSQL database" .All already work inside Linqpad. And Yes i install SqlLocalDB.msi to have access to CLI SqlLocalDB.exe.

I do something wrong but don't know where !!


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#12-Oct-21 13:34

i don't know what is the data scheme of variable=value but read we can use namepipe ..need to dig more !!



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#23-Oct-21 00:27

A) after find a capture screen of Microsoft GUI tool For manage MSSQL where server string appear i test this

""" np:\\.\pipe\LOCALDB#224F5EBA\tsql\query""

and all work ..i mean click on button "test" only because finally no table name appear inside manifold 9 ! only table ( meta table? ) that should perhaps manage real table appear . This work without set a Database name but perhaps i don't need one and even enter one don't change the behaviour ?

B) I also find another tutorial online to find MSSQL Local IP and port using cliconfg.exe .

This tool give me some information like

-Named Pipes = ""sql\query ""

--TCP/IP = ""1433""

here the 2 captures screens

M9 steps and result

cliconfg.exe GUI that is a client Tool for MSSQL Server

So in final nothing work but manifold alert us "" connection established ""

need to dig more :\SQLEXPRESS,1433 don't work

%windir%\system32\compmgmt.msc /s C:\Windows\System32\SQL*.msc


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#23-Oct-21 00:54

i think MSSQLLocalDb don't have snap in plugin ( SQLServerManagerXX.msc) that exist for MS SQL and that can be import in mmc.exe to configure SQL Server !!

here each version of msc for SQL server . Perhaps SQLExpress have their specific *.msc file or microsoft tool For manage database ( MS SQL studio).

Do i need to dig more ?


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#23-Oct-21 01:56

all is working nice using




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