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ranger.sean108 post(s)
#11-Oct-21 00:23

Why is that layers in M9 maps aren't automatically deleted when parent data is deleted from the project pane?

Doing so seems to leave an empty layer in the map which survives closing and restarting the application.

Is that an intended behaviour and, if so, why?


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#11-Oct-21 00:49

Right click on the component you want to delete in the project pane and select delete related.

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ranger.sean108 post(s)
#11-Oct-21 01:35

As opposed to selecting and deleting related components using the delete button on the project pane?

I'm just curious if there is a reason why deleting layers doesn't remove them from a map.


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#11-Oct-21 02:01

Discussed here

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#11-Oct-21 02:52

I've always found this mildly irritating rather than a feature. I always end up manually deleting it anyway.

Thanks for posting the link, I had missed this post. I am heartened by Adam's last paragraph.

If the option when deleting a drawing or image to also delete it from map components was added to Tools > Options, I can only imagine that I would have it permanently checked.

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