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jarrah15 post(s)
#15-Sep-21 09:31

Are there any examples for TileContourArea?

When I try to use it instead of TileContourAreasPar (example code from the transforms panel) I get 'Cannot parse query'

-- prepare begin

DROP TABLE [Area table]


CREATE TABLE [Area table] (

[mfd_id] INT64,

[Geom] GEOM,

INDEX [mfd_id_x] BTREE ([mfd_id]),

INDEX [Geom_x] RTREE ([Geom]),

PROPERTY 'FieldCoordSystem.Geom' ComponentFieldCoordSystem([Dam_3_2 Tiles], 'Tile')



PROPERTY 'Table' '[Area table]',

PROPERTY 'FieldGeom' 'Geom'


-- prepare end

DELETE FROM [Area table];

INSERT INTO [Area table] ([Geom]) SELECT

[Geom] FROM CALL TileContourArea([Dam_3_2],0, 0, 87.8);


6,713 post(s)
#15-Sep-21 19:04

See the SQL functions topic for tile functions. (There was a typo in the example for that function which recently has been fixed.)


9,738 post(s)
#16-Sep-21 10:56

TileContourArea returns a single geom, while TileContourAreas / Par return a table.

Here's a rough example following your query:


INSERT INTO [area_d] ([geom])

VALUES (TileContourArea([dam_3_2], 0, 0, 87.8));

Or, if the coordinate systems may differ:


VALUE @toDrawing TABLE = CALL CoordConverterMake(




INSERT INTO [area_d] ([geom])

VALUES (CoordConvert(@toDrawing, TileContourArea([dam_3_2], 0, 0, 87.8)));

Hope this helps.

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