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bejaysea12 post(s)
#13-Sep-21 22:23

I'm getting "No memory." error when trying to print a layout using build

I was printing a near identical map with 9.0.174-x64 without any problems.

I'm printing with 7-PDF print driver, same as before.


6,713 post(s)
#14-Sep-21 10:17

What happens when you try .174 with exactly the same map?

What happens when you try different PDF printer software?

Note that "near identical" does not count, as if the former job was on the edge of what the printer driver could handle, just a slight increase in size or using a different setting can take it over the edge.

It's also easy to underestimate just how much more memory may be required for what may visually appear to be a slight increase in the area of interest. Keep in mind that the number of pixels increases by the square of the radius, so what may seem to be an insubstantial increase in the vertical and horizontal size of a region could easily result in 30% more data.

bejaysea12 post(s)
#15-Sep-21 14:59

So, after trying many combinations of exactly the same map, I can confirm that something has happened. I've printed several maps with ARCH-D paper size (914x610 mm or 36x24 in), previously. Now the same map fails. However, I think I may have been using a version older than 9.0.174-x64. I can't be really sure on this point. It was whatever was current in June this year.

Any insight would be greatly appreciated.


Rakau98 post(s)
#15-Sep-21 18:47

I had a printing issue not so long ago, although not exactly the same, but could perhaps help.

Using Microsoft to pdf, and our goto paper size A2 (420x594mm) several sessions were failing, but even worse, the printing service I was using for the hard copy were also failing to get the printing done.

After trialing several options I have settled with Cutepdf ( and set to 300dpi in the setup.

To date, I have not had any issues at all with any print job.

Mike Pelletier

1,906 post(s)
#15-Sep-21 15:18

Perhaps this release changed the error to "No memory" from "Tile size too big". Either way it is really a shame we cannot print large format with imagery. Surprised this problem has persisted so long. There's a lot of quality in exports from 9, but this is a huge bummer to run into.

bejaysea12 post(s)
#15-Sep-21 16:59

We were able to print several maps at the ARCH-D paper size (to a pdf print driver) without any errors, before, and without giving it much thought. So, we're trying to figure out what we can do, and where the limits come into play.

bejaysea12 post(s)
#16-Sep-21 19:21

Just to resolve this. I inadvertently started Manifold from the bin folder and not the bin64. Hence, I was running the 32bit version in each of my trials, and not the 64bit version.

Thanks for going on this journey with me. Everything works fine with the 64bit version.

And, yes, I feel foolish, but it's not a mistake I'm likely to make again.

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