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#10-Sep-21 22:29

To all:

I have reinstalled Manifodl and downloaded the latest from the Manifold Website. I have attempted to link via the command File> Link>Image>Manifold Image Servers (). Some work and some do not. The results can be seen below.


Virtual Earth Hybrid Image, Virtual Earth Satellite Image, Virtual Earth Street Map Image, Wikipedia Street Map Image ,Wikipedia Street Map Image (transparent)

Failed – “Can’t Connect to Sever” is the error message for all:

CloudMade Maps, Manifold IMS Web Site,NearMap Satellite Image, NearMap Street Map Image, NearMap Street Map Image (Transparent), OpenStreet Maps Street Map Image/Mapnik,,OpenStreet Maps Street Map Image/Osmarender, Yahoo! Maps Satellite Image, Yahoo! Maps Street Map Image, Yahoo! Maps Street Map Image (Transparent), Yandex Maps Satellite Image, Yandex Maps Street Map Image,Yandex Maps Street Map Image (Transparent)

I should also note that OpenStreet Maps connects via QGIS using a similar link ( vs. (http:/ Cutting and pasting as well as editing the link does not work when using the “use custom URL button” in Manifold.

Does anyone know why this is happening, are some of the links no longer valid or am I doing something wrong? The fact that some of the links work and some do not is confusing.

Thanks for any help.


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#11-Sep-21 05:57

The fact that some of the links work and some do not is confusing.

Image servers are operated by third parties. If the links change (as they often do without warning) you have to change the connection string. The Web Servers topic for 9 has a good discussion in the way image servers disappear, are misconfigured by their providers, are so incredibly slow you think they aren't working, require an API key (when before they didn't), or disconnect you in a stealthy way because they think you used their service "too much."

All that applies to 8 as well. One thing you can do, by the way, is to launch 9 or the free Viewer to see what URLs it uses to connect to a given site. If that works, in many cases you can use that URL in 8 as well.

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#16-Nov-21 16:56

Due to the ever changing nature of data and image servers, it would seem like a good idea for a special interest group of volunteers to keep the list current and available to users. To add another example, the USGS will soon release imagery from their latest launch, so someone will have to find those when the time comes.


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#17-Nov-21 04:25

Anyone can update or add new image servers for Release 8. The image server modules published by Manifold for Release 8 are all open source, with the source code available for download on the Release 8 Image Servers page.


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#12-Sep-21 10:17

The majority of web image servers have had changes since the time the original image server DLLs for 8 were built - new versions of APIs with old versions deprecated and then removed, etc. Some web image servers have been closed, some have been renamed. Some now require API keys - frequently there is a free option, but sometimes there is not. All these changes need to be reflected in the code working with these servers and the image server DLLs for 8 that are not part of the product have not been kept up to date.

You can access these image servers (apart from those that have been closed) plus many new ones using 9 or Viewer.

If you tell which image server in particular you are interested in, I can check if there's an URL that would work in the DLL for 8. If you are speaking in general, then just use 9, it is much better for this, supports many more protocols, recognizes all EPSG coordinate systems including those in the latest versions of the standard, much better at caching, etc.

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#09-Nov-21 16:14

HI ADam, I am interested in the Open Street Maps, Mapnik. Please. Thanks.

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#16-Nov-21 08:18

me too


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#17-Nov-21 18:22

me too ! 😊

Does the change to do is only about to modify the string path URL ?

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#18-Nov-21 15:59

I checked and while OpenStreetMap no longer uses Mapnik for rendering as the default (so the name of the server in the image server module is no longer correct), the URL used by the image server is still operable and is the same URL that 9 itself uses. I then checked some more and it seems that the image server fails to work because the web requests it issues are missing some configuration that is necessary in 2021.

I created a different version of this image server that seems to work. Try it out. No need to modify the URL, the default redirects to HTTPS but that's fine, the redirect is handled automatically.



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#18-Nov-21 17:54

This is the sort of thing that just sets Manifold apart. Who else would do this for a previous product?

So cool.


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#19-Nov-21 13:23


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#22-Nov-21 06:35

nothing work after test under manifold 8 32 & 64 bits .

Strange manifold 8 detect my OS : "Windows 8 ( b9200) " .


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