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#10-Sep-21 15:51

I just saw this article on thetop 6 vendors in the GIS market from 2017-2021. I haven't read through all of it yes, but also checked out theTable of Contents. Interesting to see the growth in the market, but also interesting to see who is not one of the vendors evaluated (not just Manifold, but even the open source market, and spin-off work). I think there is a lot more going on in the industry than the report gives credit.

I'm not sure if the claim that Esri has a partnership with over 1,800 companies reflects their Business Partner program or simply the number of individual companies they work with. Seems high for the Business Partner program but too low for the number of individual companies. Also, 350,000 clients globally is interesting. Are those individual users or entities? Either way, it's getting big out there :-)

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