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#07-Sep-21 22:00

i have M9 174 ( not last version ) and i test the code find at


static Manifold.Context Manifold;

static void Main()


    Manifold.Application app = Manifold.Application;

    Manifold.Tile tile;


        Manifold.TileBuilder builder = app.CreateTileBuilder();

        builder.StartTile(3, 1, "uint8x3");

        Manifold.TileBuilder.PixelSet<Manifold.Point3<byte>> builderPixels =


        builderPixels[0, 0] = new Manifold.Point3<byte>(1, 2, 3);

        builderPixels[1, 0] = new Manifold.Point3<byte>(4, 5, 6);

        builderPixels[2, 0] = new Manifold.Point3<byte>(7, 8, 9);

        tile = builder.EndTile();


    Manifold.Tile.PixelSet<Manifold.Point3<byte>> pixels =


    app.Log(pixels[2, 0].ToString());



 i have this message 

 [3:8] Class, delegate, enum, interface ou struct attendu

[4:8] Class, delegate, enum, interface ou struct attendu

[13:23] Identificateur attendu

[13:35] Class, delegate, enum, interface ou struct attendu

[14:23] Identificateur attendu

[14:35] Class, delegate, enum, interface ou struct attendu

[15:23] Identificateur attendu

[15:35] Class, delegate, enum, interface ou struct attendu

[17:5] Définition de type ou d'espace de noms, ou fin de fichier attendue 

I was thinking copy paste should work ? thank's for any help

union, doc , APIand most important deepl & keyboard shortcut


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#09-Sep-21 12:40

See 1.3 of the api document. You need to wrap the code in a class Script. Its a C# requirement rather than a Manifold one. Not sure why examples don't have it.

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#10-Sep-21 08:39

Hi Steve

I do understand that this is a forum for coding, but I need assistance in converting WGS84Lo29 (Y and X values) into decimal degrees that can be used in google maps.

I have added a pdf of what a civil engineer issues to site and I would appreciate if I can enter decimal degrees of this WGS84Lo29 coordinate system into google maps on site in order to check the actual positions.




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#10-Sep-21 09:31

Hi Steve

I have managed to create a crude excel calculator per attached.

I used a correct reference point according to Datums and Coordinate Systems.pdf attached (Pretoria) to convert Lo29 Y value and Lo29 X values to Google DD latitude and Google DD longitude respectively.

This calculator is on the tab in the excel file attached.

I entered this Google DD coordinate (I calculated in the excel file) in Google Earth and got the attached screenshot; where you can see it made a red pin totally right of where the position should actually be in yellow.

Posibly one can create a more precise calculator or find something that works; hopefully this can be an idea for an app you can create?



Datums and Coordinate Systems.pdf
GIS CDNGI Coordinate Conversion Utility v1 Sep 2009.xls


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#10-Sep-21 10:17

Frikkie, it's probably best to read the FAQ as the forum is much more than coding and then post your question as a new post. I for one know little about coordinte systems but others may.


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#10-Sep-21 16:59

Fikkie, Please follow SteveFitz's advice on reviewing the FAQ for the forum before posting. This post should have led off a new thread. Let me see if I can help though.

Your civil engineer's PDF attachment has a drawing of the point table(s). The column header shows a point ID and a Y & X header. These are reversed. What is labeled under Y should be the X and visa-versa. It took me recreating this to discern the error. When points are composed from the reversed column headers it places point to a construction site and apparent line up with features here. It seems you spent a great deal of effort trying to validate the accuracy based on a simple, but crucial, error. I am attaching a screen capture of my effort after swapping the source of X&Y for coordinates. I am also attaching the .MAP file

I urge you to in the future choose the appropriate forum sub-topic to start a thread (try the General if you are unsure), rather than just tagging to the end of another thread of a different topic.

cheers. -Oeaulong.



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#12-Sep-21 10:25

You need to wrap the code in a class Script. Its a C# requirement rather than a Manifold one. Not sure why examples don't have it.

The examples do not include this code because it is boilerplate that is fairly long, has to be repeated every time, does not ever change and distracts from the point that is being illustrated by the example code. It's a trade-off for readability.

I guess we should include a note prior to the examples on what boilerplate we assume though.

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