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#21-May-21 16:09

Here is a new build.

SHA256: 5792552430e8e95c264337f18af50d1296c171b2c799fa12a56cb1d7cad82be0

SHA256: c3989a0eb2114a61ad678e7095cef9d27d8921ff4cece3da5fc53c8456c006c8

This build contains our first take on curved labels. Next builds will expand on labels, add a couple of features for vector editing, and add various small improvements all over the system.


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#21-May-21 16:11


Rendering lines performs faster due to optimizations in clipping code.

Placing labels onto lines only considers parts of line branches that appear on the screen. (Previously, parts of branches could have been invisible, resulting in a label being put partly outside of the screen.)

Placing labels onto lines is reworked to put labels into the center of each visible part of the line. Labels can follow multiple consecutive segments. (Previously, we were placing labels onto segments that were long enough to fit it. This was way too restrictive.)

Labels that follow multiple segments are rendered with the following restrictions:

  • Unicode features (multiple code points collapsing into a single glyph, a single code point expanding into multiple glyphs, all types of whitespace, etc) - supported,
  • mixing multiple languages in the same label (switching fonts) - supported,
  • right to left text, mixing left to right and right to left fragments - supported,
  • multiple lines - supported (normally you would want curved text to use a single line, but if the curvature is not high, the results are pretty legible),
  • font features - partly supported: font face / weight / italic supported, underline / strikeout not supported (providing a useful underline for curved text is pretty hard, varies between languages),
  • boxes - not supported (boxes for curved labels make little sense),
  • halos - not supported currently (we will add this),
  • shadows - supported,
  • icons - not supported currently (we will add this).

Labels that follow multiple segments are supported during printing, with optimizations for high resolution / big printing area.

Labels that follow multiple segments are not supported in the reduced graphics mode.

Placing labels onto lines simplifies line metric slightly to avoid label text following the line too hard. (We will allow turning this off or specifying tolerances. We will also allow putting the label above or below the line, etc.)


(Fix) Reading a world file no longer fails to adjust values according to the unit scale from an accompanying PRJ file.

The dialog used to edit text values can be resized. The tab size used for the text is reduced to 4 characters (was 8).

EPSG coordinate systems have been updated to EPSG 10.19. (Mostly. There are a few cases where a coordinate system managed to change its base coordinate system. We did not accept those changes yet, will accept them in the near future.)

There is a new coordinate system type: Lambert Conformal Conic (Single Parallel, B).

(Fix) The Erase command in a map window no longer fails to erase data far of the edited geometry when keeping the inner part.

Activation dialogs are renamed to include 'Manifold 9' in the caption, to distinguish from Manifold 8.

(Fix) Matching a bracket in a text edit control using Ctrl-] or Ctrl-Shift-] now longer fails to scroll caret into view if the match is offscreen.

The Link command logs the names of the processed files. (Similarly to Import.)

Dragging and dropping files from Windows Explorer into the list of components in the Project pane imports or links them (plain drop imports, Shift-drop links, the cursor changes accordingly).

Dropping files into a child data source confirms the action. If the confirmation is turned off, it can be turned back on using the 'Confirm dropping files into child data source' option in the Options dialog.

Dropping files into a child data source that has not been opened yet or is read-only shows an error.

Dropping a single MAP / MXB file opens the file as long as the user is not trying to link it (by holding Shift).

Importing or linking a VRT file (*.VRT) automatically invokes GDAL / OGR. (VRT is a text file that specifies which GDAL / OGR driver to use and with which parameters, similar to DSN for ODBC or UDL for OLE DB.)

GDAL / OGR dataport supports GDAL 3.2.x (GDAL302.DLL).

(Fix) Parsing a coordinate system from WKT / WKT2 no longer misparses systems with different units for XY and Z.

Printing a coordinate system to WKT / WKT2 writes authority codes for EPSG systems. Parsing a coordinate system from WKT / WKT2 reads authority codes for EPSG systems and if the definition of the parsed system matches that of the referenced EPSG system, adds the EPSG code to the parsed system (to allow using transforms for that system specified in EPSG data, eg, transforms based on grid files).

SQLITE / GPKG dataports support deleting table fields.

SQLITE / GPKG dataports support renaming table fields.

SQLITE / GPKG dataports support ESRI ST_GEOMETRY extension for all operations if it is installed, in both 32-bit and 64-bit modes.

Refreshing a table on a database automatically reloads table metadata from the database to catch changes done in other sessions (eg, in a different instance of Manifold connected to the same database).

(Fix) The application window no longer fails to show non-ANSI characters in caption.

(Fix) Opening a MAP / MXB file with non-ANSI characters in path no longer fails.

Attempting to open a MAP / MXB file from the list of recently opened files removes the file from the list if the attempt to open failed.

Migrating a compressed image from a MAP file created by Manifold 8 puts the compressed image into a new ECW / JP2 file with the stable name to avoid creating a new such file on each migration.

Migrating an image from a MAP file created by Manifold 8 no longer creates the Level field in the image table. (This was making the image unusable for many transforms.)

End of list.

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#21-May-21 19:43

Glad to see labels getting some emphasis.

I think I found a bug. I changed the font from Tahoma to another font and then added a banner behind it. When the banner clicked on, the font changed back to Tahoma.


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#22-May-21 08:02

and then added a banner behind it.

What is a "banner" ?

What kind of label did you add ?

What was the display? (map? label in its own window? layout?...)

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#23-May-21 18:00

Banner is a Manifold 9 term.

To create the label I right-clicked in the Project pane, selected Create and New Labels... In the label creation dialog I selected a points of interest drawing/table and the name field associated with the points of interest.

The display happened to be a Map. I dragged the new labels layer onto the map and styled it from there changing the font, size, and then adding the banner.

Manifol 9 Banner Explanation.png


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#23-May-21 18:09

I like these new features. I have to play with them some more. Are there plans for call-outs lables/text?. These were prety usefull to me on M8.

How soon?


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#24-May-21 12:34

Yes, we are planning to have callouts (for point labels that end up far from their point, maybe also for line labels that end up far from their line).


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#23-May-21 18:38

"Banner" is not an individual style property that can be added, but instead is the name of an entire, pre-arranged style preset, the Banner (Black), Banner (Gray), and Banner (White) presets. Presets in a single click apply multiple style characteristics such as the font used, the size and colors of various style elements, like boxes, etc.

Choose one of the presets from the list and you're telling the system to change many individual style properties at once to be just like that preset. In the case of choosing one of the banner presets, you're telling the system to use whatever font (in this case, Tahoma) that preset uses, and to apply other characteristics, like using a box with the particular fill and border colors the preset uses.

If you want to create a label that uses a box without changing all the other things the preset specifies, don't use a preset. Just click on the More... button and use a box. See the section on using a box in the Style: Labels topic, as well as the other Style topics.

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#24-May-21 03:18

So not a bug. Thanks. Good information.

Mike Pelletier

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#21-May-21 20:34

So glad you are working on better labeling. I'm sure this gets very complex to code and there is no perfect. Just want to emphasize the importance of good labeling.

FWIW, legibility should be a very high priority. Meaning it looks really bad and like a bug if letters cover each other or label is upside down. That of course comes with the tradeoff of not labeling as many objects. On the other hand, it is okay if the software does stuff to force more labels, such as shrinking font, extending beyond line, becoming multiple line label, etc.

It's great that you added some comments about planned changes. It's also great when you mention what comments would be most helpful. Things like how to prioritize label modifications as suggested above?

If the label layer order is to be the method for prioritizing labels (like in 8), I hope a scheme (dialogue/query) could be created to make it easy to pull certain labels from layers and set the order/style/scale-dependency without filling up the the layer pane and tabs along bottom of map. A small priority example, countries > big cities > major roads > big rivers > medium cities > medium roads > medium rivers > smaller cities.


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#22-May-21 08:19

Just want to emphasize the importance of good labeling.

100% agree. What's in 174.1 is just a first step towards good labeling.

There's actually a lot of infrastructure below the surface that has been added to support labeling functionality, much of it fundamentals to do things like really working well with Unicode / many languages, and to support the geometric operations required to resolve conflicts between letters / glyphs and between labels.

This is something that is going to be a continuing theme through many builds and, ultimately, years, as there is always something more to refine or to add. You're right that comments for priorities will be very helpful.

I think Manifold will fairly quickly get to much better default labeling than currently exists, which is the first objective.

Mike Pelletier

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#27-May-21 14:13

This all is great. Regarding priorities, I think being able to accurately display annotation (labels set to a scale) from ESRI's geodatabase should be very high. I suspect there are many GIS shops like ours where a huge amount parcel mapping annotation is divorced from the objects they are labeling, such that it can only be recreated with manual labeling. An example is on the ground dimensions vs the length of a parcel segment in the parcel layer.

To fix this we just need two things: 1) ways to modify the label to display the parameters already available in the table which is probably already in the pipeline, and 2) a means to import/display the leader lines. Tackle this and a little more work to expand drawing tools (most importantly COGO) and the software will be attractive to a much larger group of people.

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#27-May-21 23:28

Hi Mike. What is missing in COGO? I mean I'd like to be able to draw circles and squares, but what are you missing for your application?

Mike Pelletier

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#28-May-21 00:13

Currently you can't type in distance and bearings. You have to first put it into a text file then import. Once it is imported, you can see the distance and bearings but you can't edit them. It so close to being useable but ....

Also, need to be able to apply a scale factor to all the values to adjust for the coordinate system. Basically type your scale factor into a box (say .999945) and it applies to all the dimensions for the object.


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#22-May-21 11:55

We agree that legibility is top priority. If a label is hard or impossible to read, it would have been better if it wasn't there at all. We will absolutely work on that.

As regards prioritizing labels, 8 used Z order of the layers with labels from the top layers pushing labels from the bottom layers out. We have been planning to do the same in 9, with a twist that we would allow having overlapping labels based on layer groups.

Mike Pelletier

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#27-May-21 14:16

Looking forward to it!


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#21-May-21 22:57

any idea when we might see a first cut of the Internet map server?


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#22-May-21 08:11

Art, there's nothing in the announcement about map servers. Start a new thread where a new topic can get the attention it deserves without derailing the conversation about


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#22-May-21 16:48

is there chapter from official manifold documentation that have been update in relation of the items of the changelog post in that thread ?

I was searching a way to know if there a way to find the publishing date of html page in manifold documentation but don't succeed.

1 some meta parameters in google search that use manifold url doc don't work .

2 index page of Manifold doc use for each chapter the name ( convert to absolute path ) <=> Content ( <=> "whlstt19.htm#19) and no date / language in html

3) content page has a real name like "Editing and Combining Data (" <=> and no date / language in html .

So nothing work because I find no Date / Internationalization / Localization information inside manifold html documentation ( don't go a lot in javascript code ) way all readers know for internationalization that manifold doc is in english less for googlebot !! ?? .

For date : The only way to find date is to use the google search engine available now from manifold search engine. Google i think compare crawling date and amount of content .

Today in manifold 9 doc some URL don't exist this day in manifold Documentation :

404 - File or directory not found. ( of Towers using a Free Tool

404 Not Found (

404 - File or directory not found. (

( maintain such documentation should be a big task , really hope there are efficient automation tool that manage links today)


union, doc , APIand most important deepl & keyboard shortcut


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#23-May-21 12:10

There is indeed a page in Help that contains build notes: Changes and Additions

We will fix broken links, thanks for posting them.


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#22-May-21 17:06

sorry the changelog contains html link !! strange to not see raw text in the post when html version is available in manifold doc ...I know where to go now !

strange to see for many problem UR Lfrom google result URL

Privacy error (


union, doc , APIand most important deepl & keyboard shortcut


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#23-May-21 12:13

The browser complains about having to use HTTP instead of HTTPS. We already scheduled an upgrade to HTTPS, this will get fixed.


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#14-Jul-21 02:14

i read the changelog page ( alone page of frame ) ...

It's strange, the text starts right away, stuck on the left. I find it more pleasant if there is a space between the left edge of the browser window and the beginning of the text (title text or other)

strange thee is space in "frameset" page


union, doc , APIand most important deepl & keyboard shortcut


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#14-Jul-21 08:01

Lionel - this has nothing to do with build, so it's not useful to post it here. Start a new thread for new topics of discussion.

What browser are you using? There is, indeed, some white space on the left in the new Bing browser, Google Chrome, and Opera.

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