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#20-Apr-21 17:11

A new update to Manifold System is now available.

The update contains improvements and fixes in the following areas:

Registration: There is a new Register pane which allows georegistering (georeferencing) raster or vector data using control points. Control points can be entered using the cursor or by typing coordinates directly. Control points can be saved to a component and loaded back. There are multiple registration methods available: numeric methods of varying orders, including methods with restrictions and projective generalization, thin-plate spline, and triangulation. The pane can show registration errors for individual control points, as well as the total registration error. Reported errors are updated dynamically as control points are added, deleted, edited, or turned on and off. The results of the registration can be previewed.

Editing: There are new commands for editing vector data. Clip trims the edited geometry to objects in the specified layer, keeping parts that are either inside or outside of the objects. Erase deletes parts of objects in the specified layer that are either inside or outside of the edited geometry. Merge combines the edited object with other objects in the active layer, merging field values according to user-specified transfer rules. Split cuts objects in the specified layer into parts using the edited geometry as a cutter line, producing new objects and splitting field values according to user-specified transfer rules.

Analysis and queries: Gravity (IDW) interpolation allows specifying interpolation order. There is a new interpolation method for thin-plate spline. There is a new interpolation method for natural neighbors. There is a new Spatial select template which allows selecting geometry using a spatial criteria. There are new query functions for registration and interpolation, including a parallel variant for gravity (IDW) interpolation, and a new function to filter pixel values in a tile. The DROP statement tolerates missing components.

Dataports: Image libraries load faster, and report the number of files matching the mask for diagnostics. LAS / LAZ and LAS libraries expose shifts and scales for coordinate values in metadata. LAS libraries load faster, and can be refreshed with automatic updates to the coordinate system and similar data. Exporting data to LAS / LAZ embeds the coordinate system into the file, always produces LAS 1.4 with the record type determined from the available fields, and does not require any fields apart from geometry. PostgreSQL and Jet databases support boolean fields. Multiple databases support UUID fields either via a native database type or as a fixed-length string. MySQL databases support unsigned integer fields.

Components: CUDA has been updated to 11.2.2, GPGPU modules have been recompiled. ECW has been updated to for several minor fixes. WEBP has been updated to 1.2.0 for several minor fixes and better compression quality. SQLITE has been updated to 3.35.3 for new query clauses and functions as well as improvements to the query planner. ICU has been reworked to use the built-in Windows 10 implementation, expanding support for non-English languages and reducing install size. V8 Javascript engine has been removed with V8 scripts mapped to JScript.NET, reducing install size.

For detailed lists of changes, see documentation or threads for individual 9.0.173.x builds in the Cutting Edge forum area.

The update is available on the Product Downloads page.

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