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#27-Mar-21 16:38

Here is a new build.

SHA256: 924e95c4d9dfd0723eeacc4faaa7bab10e3abe4b830b4c885d1699234a58dd3b

SHA256: 6a116446f138ef8b95ecf94384db54d8a8f7f29812d3bb649686d3cc54c3a376

This build contains various improvements and bug fixes all over the system. The next build is likely going to be official. The general direction for builds after that is editing and labels.


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#27-Mar-21 16:39


We switched to the new version of the Visual C++ compiler and the new set of runtime libraries. Since we are in the cutting edge phase which uses portable installs, please upgrade the runtime libraries by installing them from this Microsoft page:

The latest supported Visual C++ downloads

On a 64-bit operating system, install vc_redist.x64.exe (64-bit) and vc_redist.x86.exe (32-bit). Technically, you can install just one of the packages, if you are planning to run only in 32-bit or only in 64-bit mode, but it is simpler and safer to install both. On a 32-bit operating system, install vc_redist.x86.exe (32-bit).


Renamed commands: Tracker -> Draw Path, Clear Tracker -> Clear Path.

The error values reported in the Register pane are scaled to the unit of the target coordinate system. (Previously, if the coordinate system, eg, for an image, had local scales set to 5x5 feet, the error values were in pixels = "5 feet" units. Now they are scaled to plain feet.)

The Register pane reports the total (RMS) registration error at the bottom of the pane, together with the unit used for the error values.

The Info pane reports the pixel size for an image.

The map window shows the snap reticule in the Edit Control Points mode, and allows editing snap options in that mode using the context menu.

The DROP statement in queries now does nothing and returns 0 in the result table if the dropped component does not exist. If the dropped component exists, but is of a different type than that specified in the statement (eg, you attempt to DROP TABLE, but cite the name of a drawing), the statement fails with an error.

The map window shows the new Edit Coordinates command in the context menu for a picked object if the coordinates of the picked object are currently not editable (because the Info pane is in the Values tab instead of the Coordinates tab). The command switches the Info pane to the Coordinates tab to make the coordinates editable.

Attempting to register an image using triangulation now works even if the control points only cover part of the image.

The map window shows and allows editing the coordinates of the path for the Draw Path mode (former tracker) in the Info pane. The coordinates of the path are in the coordinate system of the active layer (eg, if the active layer is an image, they are pixel coordinates in that image).

(Fix) The layout window no longer fails to hide map layers that are in hidden folders.

The layout window automatically repaints after changes to layer states of the shown maps. (This covers adding or removing layers, turning them on and off, reordering, etc. This does not currently cover changes to the data inside these layers. For example, if you add a new object to a drawing, the map showing the drawing will update, but the layout showing the map will not. We will likely make it update in the future, for now pan the screen slightly or turn the map frame off and back on to redraw.)

(Fix) Exporting to LAS now honors the specified extension and writes either LAZ (if the extension is .LAZ) or LAS (otherwise). If the extension is not specified, the export writes LAS. (Previously, the export was forcing the extension to .LAZ and was writing LAZ.)

Exporting to LAS / LAZ embeds the coordinate system info into the produced file. If the coordinate system info is WKT or WKT2, it is used as is. Otherwise it is converted to WKT.

Linking a LAS / LAZ exposes shifts and scales for X, Y, Z fields in metadata. Exporting to LAS / LAZ uses this metadata to produce the file with the exact same shifts and scales as the original.

The table window shows the new Export Selected command in the Edit menu. The command exports selected records to a file.

End of list.


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#27-Mar-21 20:35

Heavens, the engineering team have made a huge number of changes in a very short time. Very responsive changes as well.

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#29-Mar-21 19:36

Useful register related additions!

Just one strange thing: The "Total error (RMS)" text keeps blinking, 2-3 times/second. Windows 7, 64bit Viewer.


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#30-Mar-21 04:56

In Windows 10, I don't get that. If you send in a bug report, make sure to include full details, like if the pane is docked / undocked, any other programs running, etc.

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#31-Mar-21 06:43

Thanks for fixing the las/laz export issues. The changes test well and will make life easier for me!

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